Perfect Prom Hairstyles to Try Out in 2015

December 11, 2014

Preparing for prom starts with the perfect dress right down to the perfect shoes. This also includes your fabulous make-up look and your ultra-chic hairstyle. To style your crowning glory into the perfect glam look for this night to remember, check out these trendy hairstyle options for Prom 2015.

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Perfect Prom Hairstyles to Try Out in 2015

  1. Go for a dreamy vibe with a decorated braid

Lots of braiding styles exist, from mermaid to French braids, whether on the side or dead center, all perfect in their own way. But how do you further turn this sleek style into something more attractive? The answer is to intertwine cute decorations on your hair, such as lace or flowery details. This immediately gives you a dreamy and magical look and makes you stand out.

  1. Be a fairytale princess with luscious curls

Curls are a classic prom style, something you’ll never go wrong with in any dress. If you want a fairytale-like look, styling your hair into free-flowing luscious curls is the way to go. Make sure to let your curls shine for that extra glamorous effect.

  1. Pull off a goddess look with a crown braid

Braids are a favorite prom hairstyle, but if you want something a lot less ordinary to give you a goddess-like aura, try a crown braid. Whether at the top of your head and crowning your forehead or hanging at the back with the rest of your flowing tresses, this look is sure to give you an ultra-feminine vibe to go along with your stylish dress.

  1. Glam up with long diva locks

For the ultimate female power look, go with a cascading, diva hairstyle. This type of style lets you curl your hair just right in beautifully tumbling rolls that flow over your shoulders, framing your face in glimmering locks. Look like your favorite pop stars with this performing stage look.

  1. Go classic with a chignon

Whether a side or a back one, you can have many options for styling you hair with a chignon. A chignon gives off a classic aura and gives you a natural feminine grace. You can also opt to style your chignon with a flower, making the look even more chic. You could also choose to let some strays of hair flow from your chignon, making you look effortlessly stylish.

  1. Imbibe a modern aura with a chic bob

If you really want to make a great effort for prom, get a haircut and surprise everyone with a sleek, stylish bob. Or if you already have a bob, then revamp it up with more style. One of the most popular bob styles around is the asymmetrical bob, which is longer on one side and shorter on the other. This frames your face beautifully, giving you a very modern woman vibe.

The important thing to remember when choosing a hairstyle is to know which one would make you feel comfortable and pretty. Avoid elaborate hairstyles that make your movements restrained as you want to have fun and move freely for as much as possible. Choose a style that you can really identify with, something which will complement your dress and make you feel extra special.

Sophie White is a fashion blogger based in Australia. Her passion for dresses, hairstyle, and self-expression has inspired her to lead the online marketing campaign for Prom Outfitters, a prom boutique based in Brooklyn, NY.

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