Perfect Eye Makeup tips for your 30’s

September 6, 2016

Is your current make up look adding years of aging to your face? It’s time to forget the trends in favor of what really suit you best. You might have indulged in a perfect hair dye, perfect haircut and the best lipstick shades, but have you focused on your eyes?

Eyes are a crucial part of your face and personality. Especially the dark circles, wrinkles and saggy skin surrounding them can be very unattractive. There are many looks to choose from like smokey eye makeup, winged eyeliner, double wing etc. Here are some cool ways to take your makeup game up a level without you putting in any extra efforts whatsoever. Turn back time, set your clock to your amazing 20’s by following our simple eye makeup hacks and techniques.

Concealers – Too cakey?

Concealers help your under eyes look bright and eliminate the dark circles. Concealers come in all shades and textures. The key to choosing concealer is, knowing about your skin type. While some concealers are liquid based, others come in a tube or are shaped like a pen. If you have hit your 30’s and are in search of a perfect look, opt for a pen concealer. It not only allows your skin to breathe through but also helps it stay moisturized, hydrated and doesn’t become too cakey and made up.


Highlight the Eyes

Eyes are the first thing everyone notices. In the effort to mask the exhaustion from 30 years of toughness, highlight your brow bones and reveal the perfect smokey eye makeup look. If you have a light colored skin tone, opt for a shade which isn’t too dark and eye catching. Go for a champagne colored highlighter for light colored skin and a bronze shade for darker skin tones. Check out MAC or Maybelline highlighters.

Highlight the Eyes

Let your Brows do the talking!

No one likes overdone eye brows. The brows which are too archy or thin give a harsh impression. In order to look younger, give your eyebrows a shape which isn’t too thin or defined. Secondly, never forget to apply a brow pencil. The pencil adds color and shape to your aging brows. For this purpose, go for the L’Oreal Paris Brow Stylist from any cosmetic shop. This brow perfector comes in multiple shades and completely sticks to the brows eliminating all bald areas.

eye brows

Eye shadow for Daily Wear?

If you are a makeup junkie, you might already know the fact that wearing eyeshades on a daily basis can not only ruin your precious skin but also give a bold impression. If you insist on wearing eyeshades for office, select a toned primer instead. Check out the Stila Prime Pot for the perfect styling.

Eye shadow

The Perfect Eyeliner

The trick to perfect those serrated liner is using the best eyeliner. Since you are in your 30’s, you might have stumbled upon hundreds of eyeliners by now. Well, if you still haven’t found the best one, here are some tips on choosing the best! Instead of a black eyeliner, switch to dark brown. This color can be milder yet gorgeous. On the other hand, liquid eyeliners are better compared to pencils. So, check out Elf, Maybelline, Stila and Covergirl for the perfect pick!

Perfect Eyeliner

Soft Smokey Eyes

If you plan to attend a dinner party and decide on going for a smokey makeover, has it happened that you suddenly notice black appearing too harsh around the eyes? As the expert makeup artists say, black can be over powering at times. If this is the case with you too, simply switch to dark blues or golden shades. Go for the Urban Decay Naked palettes for the perfect shades.

Smokey Eyes

Powder Shades or Cream Based?

Well, while it also depends on your skin type, the universal mid 30’s issue is the defined eye lines on the lids. Some suggest creamy eye shades since they are more hydrating and glossy but on the contrary they stick to your eye lids, creating more fine lines. Powder eyeshades are better since they are matte, can be applied easily and don’t pronounce your eyelid lines. Sephora has a vast range of shade palettes. Choose your favorite effortlessly!

Powder Shades

Unlock beautiful Eyes

Locking down the eyes is very common. Women in their 30’s tend to apply the wrong products which ultimately appear unpleasant. Why wear down your eyes with excess baggage when you have the perfect solutions at hand? Bring attention to your eyes by applying the eyeliner in new ways. If you like winging it up, double wing it instead. If you are going to a formal function, instead of applying a thin straight line, switch to a thicker fuller line. These tricks will unravel your beauty and make your eyes shine bright throughout the years to come!

Opt for designer makeup products so that your skin gets the best of the best!

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