Perfect Dress for your Body Type

May 4, 2013

Even if you spend a fortune in buying a new dress, it not a worthy investment if your outfit does not fit according to your body shape, and does not accentuate your figure. So, it is better to know your body shape perfectly well  before investing in a new dress that will make you look curvy, sexy, attractive and beautiful, leaving the onlookers in awe in fascination.  It is not a fashion craze but a sound realization of what to wear and how to wear.

Perfect Dress for your Body Type

Perfect Dress for your Body Type

Know Your Body Shape

Knowing your body shape is the most important step in the entire process. Not only that, it also accentuates your figure. Apple, straight/rectangular, pear and hourglass are the four shapes defining women. For example, an Apple shape means your body build-up is wider at the top, while it narrows down to waist through hips and legs. So, if your body is an Apple shape, you need to choose a dress that should cover up for an uneven figure tone and make your body tone look balanced.

Waist and Belts Areas

No matter what your body shape tone is, you will need to particularly concentrate on waist and belts areas. These are two most important points in your figure and if you are able to make them look prominent and curvy, your dress will attract an overwhelming response from onlookers. The ability to accentuate curves at these areas can effectively make up for the lack of natural curves, if your figure is straight.

Long Legs

Irrespective of your body shape, making your legs look long is a must. It is better to choose a dress that goes down to legs, not across them. Wearing a high heel can compensate your legs’ length, but a dress that is not well shaped can spoil your entire effort to appear beautiful and elegant. Even if you have an Apple body shape, making your legs appear slender and longer will add to your figure’s beauty manifolds. Long legs can also make your curves at the waist and hip even more prominent, even if you are faking them.

Buy Dress

Whether you are buying a readymade dress or getting it stitched at a designer’s, pay special attention to its measurement. You can give an old dress that fits you perfectly well to a designer and ask them to use it for reference. If you are not sure about the measurement for cuts at certain parts of your body, better ask the designer to help you out.


Select a dress based on your figure.
Pay special attention to measurement of the dress.

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