What You Need in Your Daily Skincare if You Have Oily Skin

Oily skin has plagued women for years. From your teens to middle age, there’s no quick and easy solution for oily skin, but you can learn to manage it better so that when 5 o’clock rolls around, your skin still feels matte and fresh (the holy grail of the workplace). The key is cultivating the… Read More »

5 Ways To Keep Teens Away From Drugs

Drug addiction at most times will start while people are still in their teens. This is a very fragile yet crucial part of their lives. At this point, you can tell what path everyone will teel. Many people will actually get lost mainly due to peer pressure as they try to please their friends and… Read More »

Airplane Travel Skin Care Tips for Long Flights

While travelling is such an amazing way to unwind and de-stress yourself, long flights can also take a ton out of you, especially your skin! Whether it’s for business or pleasure, going on long flights as you feel and look haggard, and your skin surely shows it with dry skin, eye bags, and all the… Read More »

Unique gift ideas for a mother to present on her birthday

Mother’s are called the second god, as god cannot be everywhere, so he has created Moms. Mother’s love is eternal for her child. There’s  nothing in this world which can beat a mother’s love. Mother’s are emotional backbones of the whole family. Mothers would have a magical touch, to heal our wounds or we are… Read More »

How to Get More Bling from your Rings

Even the most fashionable of fashionistas get a little stumped when it comes to getting the most out of wearing more than one ring on each hand. Like with all accessory fashion, there are a few guidelines that will put you in the know.   Stacking rings with style can transform a simple outfit and make… Read More »

Taarak Mehta ka Ooltha Chashmah Serial SUB TV Pictures, Images & Photos

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltha Chashmah Serial SUB TV Pictures, Images, Photos & Wallpapers : Here we are sharing latest collection of Pictures, Images, Photos & Wallpapers of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltha Chashmah Serial. Download and share these Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltha Chashmah Serial Wallpapers with your friends. Its start from July 28, 2008. Taarak Mehta ka Ooltha… Read More »

Health Benefits of Riding a Horse

Learning how to ride a horse is a very common goal. Some people decide to give it a try while others just think about it, and never do anything to achieve it. If you wanted to try horse riding when you were young, but haven’t had a chance to do it, you can try it… Read More »

Reasons Why Georgette-Kurtis Are Becoming Popular in India

Georgette-Kurtis may not be your ordinary wear, but make no mistake, this attire is incredibly popular and their popularity seems to rise with every passing day. Whether you need a lazy vibe for the weekend or you just want an attire to see you through the house chores such as taking care of the laundry,… Read More »

Simple ideas for amazing decoration around your house

If you are struggling with the decoration of your home, there is one thing that will help you a lot: focus on the simple ideas. I am not saying you should embrace a minimalist style or get rid of most of your stuff. Rather, I am talking about applying simple principles that will help you… Read More »

Discover Your Family History with Ancestry Research Apps

our collective human past is interesting and informative, but our own pasts can be even more so. It’s highly likely that you, just like me, wondered at least once where you come from. I know I often find myself thinking who were my predecessors when I have free time. I also wonder what did they… Read More »