Novelty T-shirts – top ideas to get people talking

March 25, 2016

Punch-lines with personality.

One of the most popular designs for t-shirts at the moment is the snappy slogan. With even celebrities, including Rihanna and Naomi Campbell, getting in on the action this summer, it looks like this long-running trend is set to continue. The perfect way of saying what’s on your mind without having to form the words, it’s no wonder the slogan t-shirt has become the ultimate in comfortable clothing. Dress up a famous film quote by teaming with an asymmetric skirt and rock-chic boots or get a bit more cultural with a French line or two on your front, following in the footsteps of Coronation Street’s Michelle Keegan. For the guys, none other than David Hasselhoff and Russell Brand are sporting dry witticisms and play on word tops that say everything for you in succinct style.

Novelty Tshirt - All The Cool Girls Are Lesbian

Popping with culture.

According to the designers, a picture of some Space Invaders being destroyed at breakspeed or the iconic poster-image of eighties classic Stand by Me are showing no signs of wearing out their cool factor. Like the slogan t-shirt before it, the pop-culture top such as those at 8 ball T shirts have a neat way of referencing what you love, whether it’s a cult tv series, a long-dead computer game or a retro heartthrob. When stars like Miley Cyrus are seen getting nostalgic for kids’ classic ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, you know references have plenty of life left yet. A great talking point down the pub or at a party, a pop t-shirt and jeans is an essential casual look for when you want to appear effortless. A Monty Python, Spaced or Big Bang Theory t-shirt is also a pretty reliable way of determining someone’s age bracket according to era.

Band candy.

A t-shirt deserving a category all of its own, the music t-shirt is wonderfully reminiscent of the days of youth; of late nights, mosh pits, dive bars and muddy festivals. Wherever you purchased your favourite band tee, it’s certain to be a social hit and mean almost instant entry into the cool stakes. Well-known faces, from Kristen Stewart to Sam Worthington, have been spotted showing their appreciation for old favourites like The Clash and Iron Maiden. Meeting other people is made so much easier if you’ve instantly got something you share right in front of you, meaning the shy and the geeky can rest assured they’ll find other fans of Belle and Sebastian or Muse without even trying.

So if you’re a budding wordsmith, a die-hard fan of Die Hard or even a wannabe Banksy, there’s probably a t-shirt out there for you. With the world of celebrity continuing to celebrate casual wear at its most relaxed, the novelty t-shirt remains a staple purchase for either your wardrobe or someone else’s.


Anna Mathews is a regular writer and fashion blogger for a host of websites. Always on top of trends and the latest celebrity looks, She counts 8 ball T shirts among her favourite fashion pieces and continues to look for the wittiest pun ever to be featured on a piece of clothing.

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