Nothing sparkles better than diamonds

April 23, 2013

Imagine an amazing day out with your gal pals. Such outings with friends or a spouse can be more relaxing when you have had a horrendous week at work. Imagining the terror of finishing work on deadlines and the impending presentation looming over you; all you need is a nice day long break. You could go out for a nice weekend brunch, bathe yourself in the sun by the pool or relax in the confines of aroma scented candles lit room while you get your muscles flexed by a professional masseur at a posh spa. Every idea seems deliciously tempting, but no matter how sensational these ideas sound, they all fight a losing battle as they stand no chance against shopping.


Nothing sparkles better than diamonds

A woman and her love for shopping can never be separated from each other. You should be convicted in court of law if the absolute thought even creeps into your vicious mind. Women love to shop. Till today, no one has been able to solve this mystery. Maybe it would be best to keep things at that; period. Nothing can be compared to the pure joy that bubbles in the pit of the stomach when you hold an amazing looking dress against your body as you gaze at yourself in the mirror imagining yourself in it. If clothes and shoes do not catch your fancy, then accessories definitely will. More so, if the accessories have anything even eerily resembling diamonds, then you will find that your woman will get outright crazy and will make sure she gets that shining gem in her hands no matter what.

Diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend. Nothing can ever, even remotely compare to that. Accessories come in a variety of shapes and forms. Some adorn their ears with exquisite looking earrings. Earrings can make for amazing accessories. They can be pinned neatly to the ears or they could be left dangling from a height as they gently rock back and forth, softly brushing against your skin as they do so. Imagine having diamonds encrusted in these beauties? It would become close to impossible for any person to peel their eyes off you. These earrings can match the shimmer that mirrors on your face when you proudly sashay in them.

Another way of carrying off these gorgeous special stones is by wearing chains and necklaces that lusciously run along the length of the chain. These gorgeous beauties can be worn on the neck as they snake around it while the pendant gently bobs against your skin making you feel nothing less than a princess. If going easy on the eyes is not your style, then you can opt for chunky necklaces that cover a considerable area of your neck making you the centre of attention. Necklaces with chunks of diamond popping out of them make for eye catching, yet appealing accessories for women.

If you feel that among all the glamour and glitter, your dainty hands may feel left out, then there is something in store for your wrists as well. Apart from the stunning bangles bathed in these shining gemstones, you could go for bracelets with diamond charms hanging from them. It draws a great amount of attention to the hands and makes you look gorgeous.

For all the men who feel left out, diamonds can be used by you as well. You can use them for cuff links. They give a very smart appearance to anyone who dons them. It makes you look classy and sophisticated. Diamond brooches which are available in a plethora of shapes and sizes can also be used to adorn your attire and give it the much needed finishing touch.

Author’s bio:

Mackenzie is a jewellery designer and she absolutely loves the fact that women are crazy for diamonds; and why not? They are everything that defines amazing about fancy diamonds and can go well with any outfit. A mother of 2, Mackenzie loves to shop like any other woman and spend time with her kids.

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