Newest Yoga Apparel Lineup Features NFL Players

February 7, 2019

The world’s hottest athletic gear brand just upped their yoga game. Kevin Love and Channing Frye are promoting the brand’s new yoga Nike collection from Australia to the Americas. Who else joins this elite group of NFL athletes?

Notable Athletes Promote Yoga

Besides the Cavaliers athletes, the Nike yoga collection will also feature Larry Fitzgerald, Khalil Mack, Christian Coleman, and Scout Bassett, a notable Paralympic Athlete. Both women’s pro soccer player Christen Press and WNBA superstar Alana beard are helping promote the Nike yoga women’s athletic wear brands. The new line will be in direct competition with other notable brands in yoga wear including Hill City, Athleta, and Lululemon. Such an expansive swath of record-breaking talent shows that Nike is ready to swarm the market with incredible gear.

Channing Frye, Secret Yoga Enthusiast

It might seem surprising that yoga is so popular among NFL football players. After all, when you walk into any yoga class, professional basketball players are not exactly what you expect. Frye explains in the recently released ad:

“If you’re a basketball player, you have to be in an athletic stance, and I think at all times in yoga you’re in a stance built to elongate and to build strength in those positions.”

The basketball player began his love affair with yoga a decade ago during his rookie season. The athlete believes that yoga not only helped him with balance and overall strength, but also helped him mentally. Yoga promotes meditation, calmness, and a breathing style. These are just some of the reasons why Channing Frye makes yoga so integral to his professional training.

Yoga Clothing for Men

One of the biggest strides that Nike is making in its new yoga collection is expanding the collection to include athletic yoga clothing for men. Many brands like Lululemon focus mainly on clothing for women, with trends and styles designed for the female body. Nike’s new collection includes hoodies, shorts, pants, tights, and shirts made for men. They follow the natural curve and movement of the male body, emphasizing those aspects that are unique to men.

A Collection for Everyone

The entire Nike yoga collection focuses on versatility and support. The ease of movement one feels when wearing these comfortable clothes makes yoga more enjoyable and fashionable, with a top brand that you trust. Interestingly enough, Nike added an extra incentive to purchase these products with its low price point.

What else might be in store for the Nike yoga collection? The campaign showcases the Nike Training Club. Boasting a brand new series of fun but challenging yoga workouts, the Nike Training Club continues to build on Nike’s commitment to provide support and strength for every man and woman.

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