New Trends in the Australian Eyewear Market

March 16, 2013

What is the #1 reason that people in Australia don’t seek correction when they lose hearing?

They are too embarrassed to be seen using a hearing aid.

What is the #1 reason that people in Australia don’t seek vision correction when they cannot see? They would rather not have to wear eyeglasses.

When it is spelled out it seems pretty silly, but people are very quick to dismiss vision impairment for reasons such as vanity and convenience.  When a person is not used to wearing glasses it can be very difficult to convince him or her to do so.  Even people who go to the lengths of obtaining prescription glasses because they need them for something like work, study, or driving, who often see great improvement wearing their glasses will not wear them all the time.  Often the complaints are that the eyeglasses are uncomfortable, are not flattering, or are just too hard to get used to.

Children and Eyeglasses

A study in the United States suggests that 1 in 4 children actually requires some kind of vision of correction, whether the child receives it or not is another story.  When you look at this side by side with the fact that 80% of learning is visual for a young child, it seems almost cruel to deny the child of this advantage.  So why do adults deny this to themselves?

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Report on Eyewear Trends in Australia

A report done specifically on Australian consumers and the trends in eyewear indicates that the ‘medical benefits’ have taken a back seat to other aspects such as pricing and style.  It shows that some retailers have significantly lowered the prices of eyewear to provide discounts on lower quality products.  This has in fact discouraged many consumers from buying quality eyewear that might be a bit more expensive.

Higher quality eyewear fits better, feels better, and looks better.  Lower quality eyewear breaks easier, requires more repairs and can be uncomfortable for the wearer.  According to the report ‘volume’ sales are outperforming ‘value sales’, but the experts say this trend will change in the near future.  The report also mentions that online sales have been very slow in the eyewear industry.  This shows that people really like to try on their glasses in a store before committing to buy.  This is more evidence of how important the ‘look/fashion’ aspect of eyewear is to the average consumer.

What Brands For Australians

Of course there is no one brand of eyeglasses that will be correct and suitable for everyone.  Often, the trendiest glasses on the market are not the pair that will suit your face.  By going to an independent retailer instead of a chain store, customers are more likely to get the assistance they need in choosing style and shape which will make the glasses a good fit in addition to function and price.  This is important for people who wear their glasses on a daily basis.  This is one medical item that is also a fashion item, and will become a part of your ‘look.’ 

There are designers today making eyewear specifically for Australians.  They are taking things into consideration like the hot and sunny days that can make a sweaty nose an uncomfortable place for glasses to sit.  They are considering things like damaging UV Rays, and using fashion to protect Aussie eyes.  New ideas are light and simple frames, instead of thick and bulky ones.  With a bit of online research coupled with a trip to some boutique shops, every Aussie can be in exactly the right frames.

Sharon Freeman is an Australian freelance writer and blogger.  She has writes about eye care and eyeglasses articles for companies like

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