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March 5, 2019

Nazar Serial Star Plus Images & Photos HD Wallpaper : Check our all new collection of Star Plus Serial Nazar Images, Posters Photos & HD Wallpapers. Download and share these Nazar Star Plus Serial Pictures with your Online friends. 🙂

Nazar serial is a supernatural serial. This serial is air on Star Plus and also can watch on Hotspot. People are daily searching Nazar Serial Aaj ka Episode on Hotstar and Youtube online. This serial is based on Dayan and Devik shakti. All story show the fighting and connection of good and bad power. One side Dayan shakti Mohana eat people for increase her age and then other side Devik shakti Piya has Goddess Durga’s symbol as her birth mark on her shoulder. Nazar serial produced by Gul Khan and Karishma Jain.

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Nazar Serial Star Plus Poster HD Pictures Images
Nazar Serial Star Plus Poster HD Pictures Images

Details of Nazar Star Plus Serial: Timing, Telecast, Making Members Nazar serial is produced by Gul Khan and Karishma Jain.
Story written by Mrinal Jha.
Nazar Serial has airing on 30th july 2018 at Star Plus.
Timing : 11:00 PM, Monday-Friday
Genre: Thriller, Horror, Family, Emotional, Supernatural Power, Romance
Theme music composer: Tapas Relia
Country of origin: India
Production location: Mumbai

Nazar Serial Star Casts:
Mohana Rathod Daayan (Antara Biswas), Ansh Rathod (Harsh Rajput), Piya Sharma Rathod (Niyati Fatnani), Ruby ( Sonyaa Pink), Vedashree Rathod ( Ritu Chaudhary Seth), Nishant Sharma (Sumit Kaul), Guru Maa (Amardeep Jha),
Chaitali Rathod (Ashita Dhawan), Shekhar Rathod ( Amit Kaushik), Avinash Rathod (Kapil Soni) , Rishi Rathod (Jatin Bhardwaj), Neha Rathod (Resham PS), Kajal Rathod (Pallavi Gupta), Saavi Sharma (Simran Budharup), Naman (Aamir S Khan), Panna ( Garima Vikrant Sing), Tamra ( Sabrina Jat), Sarp ( Kushagre Dua), Dilruba ( Sreejita), Dola (Priya Malik), Rudra Pratap (Sikander Kharbanda), Pandit ji(Vishnu Sharma), Divya Sharma (Smita Bansal), Mridul Rathod(Ankur Nayyar), Kiara Bhanushali( New born baby of Ansh and Piya Munna).

Ansh Rathod (Harsh Rajput) = Ansh Rathod play the role of Piya’s life partner. He is the son of Mohana with supernatural magic powers called Daavansh.
Piya Sharma Rathod (Niyati Fatnani) = Piya Sharma Rathod is the Ansh’s wife. She has a unique goddess durga’s mark on his shoulder body part. She is also called Daivik.
Mohana Rathod Daayan (Antara Biswas)= Mohana Rathod has most power negative power. She plays the role of Dayan.
 Vedashree Rathod ( Ritu Chaudhary Seth)= She is the adoptive mother of Ansh and Kajal. Vedashree Rathod is the Mohan’s little sister.
Kiara Bhanushali ( Ansh and Piya’s Munna) = Kiara Bhanushali (Munna) is a new born baby of Ansh and Piya. Piya give birth munna in a old Shiv ji temple.

Star Plus Serial Nazar Story:

Nazar serial is based on supernatural Devik and Dayan story.Mohana Rathod Daayan (Antara Biswas) plays the role of Dayan and second side Piya Sharma Rathod (Niyati Fatnani) plays the role of Devik shakti. Mohana Rathod eats the living people to increase her beauty and age. That’s why she also ate her husband. Ansh Rathod (Harsh Rajput) is the son of Dayan Mohana.

According to story after 18 years Ansh was transforming in to Dayan Shakti called Daavansh. Only Davik girl who has Goddess Durga’s symbol as her birth mark can bo saved Ansh from Dayan. Then Piya has came with devik shakti and make marry with Ansh. Ruby , Dilruba, Mohana and many more dayan shakti put difficulties in the marriage of Piya and Ansh. Mohana real motives to eat Ansh on the day of “Rakth-Chandra Grahan” or Lunar Eclipse. In that case Piya defence Ansh with the help of Devik shakti and wife’s power.

After some time Piya got pregnant. All pandits, horoscope and all future speaker announced that the child of Ansh and Piya would be the reason for Dayan Mohan’s death. Due to that reason Ansh , Piya and their family feel the intentions of Mohana, she want to kill Piya and her unborn baby. For safety of Piya and her child Ansh take decision and both are left from their home. Ansh hide with Piya in forest, but not success to hide from Mohana because the reason of blood attachment with Mohana and davansh(son of Dayan). That’s why Ansh take strong decision and leave alone her till the baby born time.

After 9 months Piya gives birth to baby boy in very old temple of lord Shiva. Baby name announced as Munna. He also has some super power, but Piya and Ansh want their munna enjoy his life at simply like other children’s then Nishant calls Makshika fairy and she take over all the powers of baby. With the power off baby ,Piya and Ansh also lose their power.       

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