National CleanUp Day 2018 in the United States of America (USA)

September 12, 2018

National CleanUp Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in September every year in United States. This year National CleanUp Day 2018 will be celebrated on coming Saturday, September 15, 2018.


People often pollute our beautiful habitat. That is why we should take care of our beautiful Earth by not polluting. It can harm us. So take care and go green. As a new generation its our duty to make our world clean and beautiful. You need to clean your surroundings, If you can’t then don’t make it dirty. It’s our duty to clean our earth and save environment’s beauty. As humans it’s our responsibility to keep our planet clean from pollution and dust. We save our planet by recycling method. A clean earth and its environment is very essential to live a healthy and peaceful person life. Cleaning of our Earth is every one responsibility. September is the “clean up month”. We should support and that cleanup activities.

National Cleanup day is also known as Nationaler CleanUp Tag in German

National CleanUp Day 2018 United States

National CleanUp Day 2018 United States

Clean up is the process of removing dirt or other bad things from a place. If you go and clean up , you make yourself clean , especially after doing something that has made you dirty.

Super ways to help clean surroundings

  1. As a good citizen you should reduce the use of chemical and pesticides. Always use eco friendly conventional products.
  2. Grow more and more trees plants so that next generation can get air. Plant a tree and get oxygen for free.
  3. Reduce pollution, If you don’t kill it, it will kill you. So you need to “Be a part of the solution not part of the pollution’’.
  4. Reduce air pollution and choose environmentally friendly cleaners. Take part in your local area energy conservation programs.
  5. Recycle the waste product is very important to clean up . There are many ways to recycle the waste product.
  6.  Make your surrounding healthy and alive.

Beach cleanup – we all are ocean lover and feel that we owe a duty to our ocean to make it free of plastic and dust. Reduce plastics or garbage and include everyone in this activity. The health of beach is depending on our cleaning activities.

Spring cleanup – Do not bag in regular plastics bag.  We should involve in the spring clean up events.

Park cleanup – Parks are great place to meet our friends, relatives, business and children’s playing.We must clean our parks. We should ban smoking and alcohol in public parks. Public Park is a place of Physical activity. Do not leave garbage, plastics, cups, plates, food wrappers around in the park. We must change our attitude towards public cleanliness. Everyone is responsible for keeping parks clean.

School cleanup – we should clean our school. Wipe your shoes on mats properly before you enter the school. Throw all garbage in dustbins. Make sure your study table or lunch table is clean before you leave. Never damage displays around school. Organize events for students and teachers related to school cleanup. You can also start a club to make this a regular event. Also organize assessments, group discussions, seminars related to school clean up.

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