My Very First Diet

February 22, 2013

So you finally decided to start your first diet? I bet you don’t even know where to start. Choosing the right diet plan is the most difficult part. You need to find a right balance between your body type, your weight and the amount of food you eat.

The first step is to remove all the sugar-rich and high-calorie foods from your daily diet. No more Coke and Nutella! Cut all the heavy food that has no nutritional value. For example, instead of having a pizza for lunch, you can choose a salad with a nice light vegetable soup. Also don’t forget that soft drinks and even fruit juices contain around 250 calories per cup. Stop drinking sugary drinks and switch to water instead. As a newly dieter you should consult your doctor who can find a perfect diet plan for you.

My Very First Diet

My Very First Diet – Hot Girl Diet

Count your calories

Calories play crucial life in dieting, that’s why you need to watch your food intake. Losing weight is a number game, it is about the balance between the amount of calories taken and burned. If you exceeded your daily calorie limit, you need to go to the gym and burn all the extra calories. Fruit and vegetables are low in calories and rich in vitamins and nutrients. Try eating more fruit and vegetables every day, this way you will become healthier and fit.

FitnessPal app would keep track of your calories and exercises. You can also compare results with your friends and see each other’s progress. It is a fun way to stay on your diet.

Set your goals

First, you need to estimate how much weight you need to lose and then create your diet plan. If you’re very overweight consider scheduling a structured and supervised program. If you’re slightly overweight you should start counting calories and exercising. You don’t have to start going to the gym on the daily basis. You can either buy a treadmill, or start taking long walks around your neighborhood. Later on you may get into the jogging mood.

Healthy food plan

Eating healthy is not that difficult. You need to start your day with whole grain cereals and eggs. Eat more vegetables, organic grilled meat, whole grains and fruits. No more fast food and deep fried chicken. Low-calorie diet is the best way to get on the healthy routine.

Starting a diet may be difficult if you’re used to eating heavy food, that’s why you need to take baby steps when introducing a low-calorie diet. For example, you can replace one daily meal with a low-calorie dish and then gradually increase the amount of healthy food.

As first time dieter you should not be discouraged by temporary failures. Don’t be too hard on yourself, otherwise you’ll get demotivated. It takes time to find the right diet plan suitable for your body type.  You can always burn off extra calories with exercising. If you always wanted to practice capoeira, karate or even salsa, do it when on a diet. This way you will get fit faster.

Guest post by contributing author Kate Simmons, representing Kate is a real health and fashion freak, currently trying to make a name as a personal trainer. 

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