Most Wearable Runway Trends for Men

February 10, 2013

Keeping up with the latest trends in fashion can be a bit of a challenge. After all, there are so many contemporary designers, and each one presents a myriad of various looks each year on runways around the world. However, if you take an objective look at the latest fashions, you’ll find that a few types of clothing stand out and are a common theme from one designer to the next. This is true when it comes to accessories as well. For example, bags and jewelry for men are becoming increasingly more common every year.  If you’re a man interested in keeping current with your wardrobe, here are a few styles and accessories you’ll want to remember this season.

Most Wearable Runway Trends for Men

Most Wearable Runway Trends for Men

  • Tweed coats: From overcoats to suit jackets to blazers to sports coats, tweed is a mainstay of this season’s runway fashions for men. This textural woolen fabric is nothing new. First developed in Scotland around 1830, tweed has been a favorite in both men’s and women’s fashions ever since. This season is no different. There are several styles of tweed – namely Harris, Donegal and silk – but no matter which you choose, you’re sure to be in vogue with tweed coats and suits.
  • Jewelry for men: One of the hottest trends in men’s fashion over the past several years has been jewelry. Choose from a variety of pieces in whatever design best suits your individual taste and style. From traditional to contemporary to retro to vintage, jewelry for men has never been available in such a wide a selection. Consider, for example, a chain necklace with a modern twist, such as a two-tone link design in stainless steel.
  • Striped sweaters: If you like patterns, there’s just one word to remember this season: stripes! No matter what the color or whether they’re narrow or broad, stripes are definitely one of the most popular runway trends for men this season. They look especially appropriate on sweaters, such one in a red and black long-sleeved striped design.
  • Plaids: Another common theme in this year’s runway fashions for men is plaid. You’ll see this old standby on everything from caps to suits to sports coats, and the color selection is amazing. Try a traditional tartan plaid in red and black or a more subdued version in green and navy. Choose whatever color combination works best for you and your skin tone – from intense bright colors to toned-down earthy hues and everything in between.
  • Men’s bags: Women have understood the convenience of carrying a purse or larger tote for generations. This is understandable since women have traditionally carried a variety of items with them each and every day: makeup, compacts, combs, wallets, etc. Now that men routinely carry just as many items on a daily basis as women, they have also discovered the joy in having one bag into which everything fits: cell phone, tablet computer, comb, wallet and even an extra sweater or a set of workout clothes. There’s a good reason why men’s bags are appearing on runways this season, and that’s because men from all walks of life are using them. Choose from a variety of styles in both canvas and leather.

Keeping up with the changing face of men’s fashion isn’t really that difficult to do. Simply pick up a few items that complement your current wardrobe – a striped sweater, a tweed blazer, a plaid newsboy cap, a canvas men’s bag and a few pieces of jewelry for men, for example – and you’ll be as up to speed as anyone else you know when it comes to staying current with this year’s fashion trends for men.

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