Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2013

May 18, 2013

Here are few most Anticipated TV Shows of This Year:

This is a show about an invasion on earth by aliens known as Votans. These aliens are looking for a new home after their own solar planet died off. Even with negotiations, the human race is not willing to welcome these aliens. They are chased off from earth, but the Votans choose to stay and fight. What follows is a thrilling war that lasts decades. They call for a cease fire, because now what really matters is each of the species’ survival, and not who wins the war.

Da Vinci’s demons:
A TV show that revolves around the untold story of Leonardo Da Vinci’s life. Acted in the renaissance period, the show portrays Da Vinci as a genius He has the intellect to identify things that the normal person does not. He invents the future in his own mind. He is able to tell that religion is a farce. Leonardo then sets out to inform everybody of the truth. Lies told by leaders. He is then sucked up into a storm that has been brewing for ages now, a fight between right and wrong.

Most Anticipating TV Shows of 2013

Most Anticipating TV Shows of 2013

The following:
A show that centers on a serial killer who is arrested years ago. In the year 2013, he escapes from prison leaving behind a blood bath. The serial killer escapes to kill a girl he did not manage to kill before being arrested. What follows is the awakening of a cult of other serial killers. House of cards is a political TV show that shows the viewer what really happens behind the political scenes. Francis Underwood, who is the majority whip, has a vast knowledge of political secrets that he intends to use to raise to power. His ultimate goal is to become the president.

The fall:
This is a British crime-drama series. A show about two people with different personalities. Both are hunters at heart, but hunt different targets. One is a serial killer hunting down innocent civilians while the other is brought in to hunt down the serial killer. The film is set in Northern Ireland where a team of investigators is following up on a string of homicides. The lead detective and his team need to arrest the situation.

Under the Dome:
This is an American Science fiction horror series. A series about a town covered by a force field that cuts them off from the rest of the world. Panic seizes the residents, but a small group of individuals advocate for calmness. They suggest that they find a way to live together as they find out what caused the barrier. It is up to the residents to survive or find a way out.

Hemlock Grove:
In the show, the murder of a teenage girl sparks a hunt for the murderer. This town however is full of people with personal secrets that make the hunt daunting. While it is possible that a video game will surface as a sequel to one of the above TV shows, everyone is looking to see the kind of requests the playstation customer service will receive.

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