Moccasins or Sport Shoes Which one should you go in for!

May 16, 2013

Usually individuals don’t just have one pair of shoe. You deserve more if you are a fashion conscious person. The changing trends have also changed the sense of using shoes. In earlier times, everyone just had one pair of shoes which used to fulfill the necessities. But now-a-days different collection of shoes meets the requirement of different occasions.

Through this article, I would like to show you how both moccasins and sport shoes help everyone. By reading this article, you can also choose the best for you.


A moccasin is a shoe that is made of deerskin and/or other soft leather. It consists of a sole; the sides are made of only one piece of leather, and stitched together on the top; and sometimes with a vamp. The sole is very soft and flexible and the upper part often is adorned with embroidery or beading.

Moccasins Shoes

The advantages of moccasins:

1. They are environmentally both friendly and sustainable

Moccasins are mainly made out from the skins of dead animals. That may very well, however these animals were neither farmed nor killed for their skins. The animals provided meat for your tables and the skins are a byproduct of that meat. The skins are bio-degradable and so they do not harm the environment.

2. Moccasins are extremely comfortable

Moccasins are so soft and pliable, that they could never have a feeling of uncomfortable. You will never get sore feet or blisters from wearing moccasins. Additionally, the natural properties in animal skin mean that they keep your feet warm and/or cool depending upon your body temperature. They are so flexible that they are also the ideal shoe for driving.

3. They are fashionable and stylish

Moccasins be they sheepskin; leather; suede; or even eel skin; are the height of fashion. These classical shoes look great with most outfits from casual to dress up. Apart from the shoes, you can find fashionable ankle and/or knee high moccasin boots; golfing; and even slippers for inside use. They have been in fashion since the Stone Age and even if they go out of fashion, now you can be sure that it will be back in a very short time, so it’s worth adding a pair or two to your wardrobe.

Sport shoes:

Sport shoe is a name for the footwear which is primarily designed for sports or any other forms of physical exercise. But now-a-days, it has come to be used for the casual everyday activities.

Sport Shoes

The advantages of sport shoes:

1. They Provide Protection

Sport shoes provide you protection against the hard; repetitious pounding of your foot on the hard surfaces as you do your activities. Additionally, depending on the shoes that you buy, they help to protect your feet from their own instabilities and problems as well.

2. They Provide Speed

Sport shoes provide you a faster speed along with increased flexibility. These are best, if you are running in the races or just wish to finish that mile little faster.

3. They allow you to run on rough terrain

There are some sport shoes that allow you to traverse the rough terrain on mountains; trails; and rocky land areas with ease. It provides stability to prevent injury.

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