Mixing L’oreal hair color : The Right Way To Do It

September 27, 2012

L’oreal is one of the most popular and biggest brands when we talk about hair products. It is used by professionals all around the world. The best part is that styling or coloring your hair with these products can even be done at home without the help of a trained professional. So, you do not have to take time out of your busy schedule and visit an expensive salon just to get that perfect look. You can do it by yourself from the comforts of your own home. L’oreal color is a tinting mix that comes with all the necessary instructions for both mixing and application.

While buying L’oreal hair products you should make sure that you buy them from a certified salon, cosmetologist or chemist. There are many fakes out in the market at cheap rates which may result in damage and hair loss. Though there are instructions which come with the pack. But still many people get confused while trying to mix L’oreal hair color on their own. In this article, we will tell you the right way to do it.

Mixing L'oreal hair color : The Right Way To Do It

L’oreal hair color

How To Mix L’oreal Hair color :

1) Purchase a hair color which you think will suit your personality. Make sure that you are buying a genuine product. To get best results and make it easy, you should buy a professional kit which has both color and developer. You should keep a bottle with you along with clean gloves. L’oreal color is available in both creme and liquid form. Buy one which you feel will be easy to use.

2) Make sure you wear gloves all the time to protect your hands from the dye and developer. If you are using a liquid bottle, make a hole at the top of the coloring tube and squeeze in into the developer bottle. The next step is to pour the entire color in bottle containing tint applicator. Now add an equal amount of developer to this mix.

3) Tightly close the developer bottle and shake it thoroughly. Make sure that there are no variations in the color. You have to make sure that the color is not spilled. In order to do so, put a finger on the tip of the bottle when you shake it.

4) In case you are using L’oreal creme hair color, make a hole in the tube and mix it in a color bowl with a brush. Make sure that you mix an appropriate amount of hair color and developer. The next step is to stir the mixture with a brush. You should use a tint or color applicator brush. Keep mixing till it is smooth and creamy.

5) Applying hair color is quite easy if you do it right. Apply this mixture on the roots of your hair until they are totally covered. Leave this mixture on your hair for about half an hour. Meanwhile, keep stroking your hair with a comb in areas where you want to apply color. Always remember to buy genuine L’oreal hair products for best results.

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