Midweek Ski Break is Ideal for a Short Holiday in a Pocket-friendly Way

February 13, 2014

Midweek ski holidays are more popular now a day as budget friendly trip. Many facilities are offered by the resorts and hotels to attract more tourists during weekdays. People are free to enjoy hassle free skiing in a less crowded environment.

If you are a great ski-lover but can’t manage a weekend or a whole week for the holiday, midweek ski packages will suit you best. This type of holiday is most popular among couples who are in search for some privacy in ski resorts or the beginners who want to practice in a less crowded slope. Short midweek breaks are also selected by the groups who can afford flexible timing.

Weekend ski packages are still the most popular one as many people can avail it. But there are some hazards involved, like, the resorts and hotels should be booked much earlier to ensure the availability, as there is much demand for place during winter weekends. Also, most of the time the weekend tours are very expensive, as both the airfare and cost for hotel booking is higher. Last but not the least reason is chance of accident during skiing is also higher because of high traffic of ski-lovers in the slope.

Midweek Ski Break is Ideal for a Short Holiday

Short Holiday

Many resorts and agencies are now offering midweek ski packages and these are beneficial for following reasons:

Low airfare

Airlines are not overloaded during week days, so the cost of travel is much cheaper compared to the busy weekends.

Budget-friendly stay over

Hotels and resorts offer stay for reasonable price due to same reason. Some of them include free transfer from airport to hotels and free breakfast or full catering service at the same price to attract more tourists during midweek.

Less crowded slopes

The slopes are quieter and free from queue of tourists in the midweek. The snow remains smoother and it is a heaven for the beginner skiers to practice in a stress-free environment and improve their skiing ability. This crowd-free environment is also of much desire for honeymoon couples to maintain their privacy.

Easy booking of hotels

If you think of taking a break for midweek ski, you might not require booking the hotels much earlier. Since the hotels are not much crowded in week days, you may go for an instant booking whenever you make up your mind for travel.

More attentive assistance of ski experts

The experts, who help in skiing, are less busy to help the tourists more during the midweek.

To make midweek packages more popular, many resorts, chalets and skiing agencies are offering extensive plans. Their package includes the following:

  • These packages include stay for 3-4 days in the week, which generally starts on Sundays or Mondays.
  • The stay can be made in hotels, resorts or chalets.
  • Some travel packages also include airfare and transport from airport.
  • Full catering is provided along with breakfast and 3 full courses of meals.
  • Bed linen, towels and other facilities are provided.
  • Ski lessons are given to the novice, others might take expert assistance if they require.

Skiing is a popular sport during boring winter days. But it is difficult to book a good ski resort during weekends for many reasons. Sometimes you don’t want to go for skiing for longer waiting time or much expense. No need for worry any more. Many travel agencies are offering attractive midweek ski package. So take a short break from your monotonous life, pack your bags and enjoy a wonderful midweek ski holiday in a beautiful mountain slope.

Author’s Bio: Pamela Clarke is a travel writer and loves to travel all over the world. Skiing and water sports especially short break ski holidays are her passion. Pamela has observed the trend and popularity for midweek travel and she always selects the same for herself for many reasons. Apart from travelling, Pamela likes to collect antique art works from different corner of the world.

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