Making a Change – How to Revamp Your Style

July 13, 2013

Most people lead very busy lives, balancing the demands of work and family every day. Because of that, it may feel like your appearance stays basically the same. This can feel like being in a rut: the “same old thing”, as the saying goes. If you ever feel like that, it is time for a change.

Revamp Your Hair

One way to freshen up your look is by changing your hair. If you are very adventurous, you can explore an avant guarde style modeled after a top model or celebrity. If you prefer something simpler, coloring your hair is an easy way to go.

Highlights are a popular approach to coloring hair. They involve the selected application of color, and are used to enhance a person’s look. Highlights can be subtle, so others will presume that they are completely natural. On the other hand, they can also be in specific patterns. For example, one current style mixes brown hair with long blonde streaks at set intervals. There are models and Hollywood actresses who have adopted this look, adding to its popularity.

Alternatively, you might want to go all blonde. If you do, you can leave the roots dark, or go the traditional path and dye the routes as well. A trending twist on going blonde is getting a mix of golden shades, allowing for a blended look. Many say that this gives a very natural and yet glowing appearance to the hair. It is particularly suited to tousled or curly hairstyles.

Red hair color has made a comeback as well, especially with the variety of red hues available now. Some women with black or brown hair find a subtle addition of red freshens the look of their hair, making it that much more vivacious. Others choose to go with a fully red or strawberry blonde dye. This works especially well if you want to revamp your style from head to toe.

Revamp Your Style

Freshen Your Makeup

If you have been buying the same makeup for years, trying out a different kind is a great way to revamp your style. This can be as simple as getting a new shade of lipstick. While in past years heavy dark colors have been prevalent, right now a pretty and natural look is considered the best style. The current trend is to enhance your natural appearance, and bring out the best in your own colors and tones. On a related note, lip gloss has resurged in popularity. It can take dry and faded lips and make them look moist and vibrant again. You can even get it in a variety of flavors, like pineapple or strawberry.

You might also want to check out moisturizing foundation. It provides an excellent base, and at the same time hydrates your skin. As every woman knows, replenishing moisture is critical for an attractive appearance. With moisturizing foundation, you can get that benefit every time you apply your makeup.

Of course, your makeup looks its best when your skin is in great condition. For that reason, revamping your style should include improved skin care. You can treat yourself to some new skin care accessories like The Art of Shaving stand, and get some night time facial lotions as well. Herbal lotions containing aloe vera have been shown to have a great revitalizing effect.

This guest post is written by Kate Simmons. She is a freelance writer on fashion topics.

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