Makeup Trends 2013: 4 Trends to look out for

January 4, 2013

Makeup completes an outfit, gives people confidence and is also one of the building blocks to looking fabulous. So during 2013, what can we expect to trend?

Your hair looks fantastic, your clothing is in-style and looks fabulous yet as you sit and stare in to that mirror you can’t help but feel something is off. Seeming as your hair is like that of a beauty queen, and your clothes sit on you and fit perfectly, it could possibly be your choice of make-up which leaves quite a lot to be desired on that cold Winter morning. So what can you do?

Makeup Trends 2013

Makeup Trends 2013

Much like clothing and hair styles, make up in itself is a fashion, and as such changes regularly happen in the industry with new trends replacing the old. During 2012 for example we have seen Oxblood lips become a normal sight amongst peers, blue eyeliner be worn by celebrities and full-on flushed cheeks make an appearance with thanks to Kirsten Dunst. 2013 however is a whole new year, and with the fashion industry bracing itself for yet another busy and hectic yearly event, women around the world are eager to get a heads up as to what 2013 makeup trends could be making their way to a city centre mall near them. So, what trends can we reasonably expect during 2013?

Bright lips

The very last film in the Twilight saga is now out, and as such, towards the end of 2012 Oxblood lips and dark purples are in-trend. Towards spring 2013, however, we can expect bright coloured lips to make a fresh show with that gorgeous red look taking the headlines and baby pink being adopted. These lipstick trends have always been popular however during 2013 they are set to be bigger than ever, especially with the lead up to Summer.

Bold eyebrows

A women with bold eyebrows is almost always confident, or at least that’s what it makes a women appear like. Bold eyebrows have been making a slow and steady return towards the back end of 2012 and during early 2013, particularly through the Winter months, they will undoubtedly make a big impact on the fashion scene. Together with pink or red lips bold eyebrows can bring out your very best features, and complete a whole look.

Smokeshow Shadow

For a lot of women the eyes are an essential part to any makeup job, and during 2013 much like 2012, soot-shaded shadow with a light hint of silver or gold sparkle are sure to bring out your most dazzling feature. Don’t stop with the eyeliner there though, for that rock-chick look, spread on your eyelids and smudge it a little bit to show your rural edge. After all, that rock chick look is fantastic for almost any occasion.

Flush cheeks

Didn’t you know, a little bit of colour in your cheeks is a sign you are healthy, however after applying foundation or blusher your standard makeup can often hide your natural beauty. Thankfully, you can fake this look or add it, with a good blush brush and orangey-red or pinkish powder. With this you will look healthier, more energetic, and beautiful to boot. During 2013 we can expect celebrities and icons to adopt this look.

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