Make-up tips for glasses wearers

March 13, 2013

Traditionally, glasses have not ranked high on the list of glamorous fashion accessories. More often associated with quiet intellectual types than trendsetting fashionistas, glasses were often exchanged for contact lenses as soon as possible by many style-conscious women.

Nowadays, how things have changed. With the rise of “geek chic,” glasses have become not only an acceptable element of a trendy wardrobe but a bit of a fad in themselves. Cutting-edge celebrities such as Alexa Chung and Anne Hathaway are often pictured sporting quirky frames, and hipsters around the globe have started adding spectacles to their look regardless of whether they need them to see.

Of course, what these newcomers to the spectacle brigade are quickly learning is something that women who wear prescription glasses have been aware of for years – adding glasses to your face requires a certain amount of fine-tuning in your make-up routine. Lenses can both obscure and distort the eyes, and depending on your prescription, may make your eyes appear either larger or smaller. Thus, it is vital that your eye make-up defines your eyes without overpowering them.

Make-up tips for glasses wearers

Make-up tips for glasses wearers Womens or Girls

How to accomplish this? There is loads of great beauty advice on this topic on the internet. For instance, Jen at A Little Bird Told Me has a great series of articles. Top among her tips are keeping your brows groomed, as glasses will draw attention to this area, and keeping your eye make-up neutral while playing up your lips the thinking here is that glasses are going to block out your eyes to a certain extent (between smudges and glare), so you might as well draw people’s attention elsewhere.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t ever play with colour on your eyes, though. Keiko Lynn has some great examples of  on her blog. The key is choosing a clean, defined look that makes the eyes pop rather than recede beneath a blur of colour and glitter. This Video from Taylor at Refinery29 is a great tutorial in how to accomplish this – her fresh, razor-sharp look works perfectly with glasses.

In some cases, using colour can help avoid the washed-out look that glasses can sometimes give to your face. There are two ways to accomplish this. Samantha at Bat a Lash! Beauty Blog suggests wearing eyeshadows that flatter your eye colour – she provides for those who aren’t sure what would look best on them. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Giorgi at Being Geek Chic recommends starting your colour matching at the opticians by selecting and the make-up shades you like to wear.

In all cases it’s important to choose a good quality foundation to provide a decent base. Glasses draw attention to your face, so it’s essential to find a foundation that won’t cake, smudge, or crease into lines around your frames – the fresher your face looks, the better. A good concealer can help, as well – glasses often tend to emphasise under-eye circles.

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