Love is in the air – make your fiancé feel special with an engraved signet ring

February 17, 2014

Just like women, men deserve to be loved and spoiled every once in a while. It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day for you to make him a surprise. Couples who cherish each other should gift themselves on a constant basis, so if you’re out of ideas signet rings will come to the rescue. These beautiful accessories are back in style; they’re chic, modern, and they will make your fiancé feel really special.

Engraved signet rings for men Pictures, Images, Photos, Wallpapers

Engraved signet rings for men

Engraved signet rings for men

Although they don’t want to admit it, men like to be given presents and gifts just as much as women. Ties, cufflinks, bracelets, watches, and wallets are overrated, so it’s always a good idea to think outside the box and opt for a gift that has meaning. Engraved signet rings for example, are the ultimate definition of an ideal gift for your fiancé. You can choose to have his initials imprinted or a beautiful Egyptian or Greek engraving.

Signets were widely used in the 16th century as stamps. Their purpose was to mark official documents, and soon enough men started to wear signet rings on their little finger. Those rings had powerful carvings such as monograms, crests, Scottish and Irish symbols, heraldic symbols, Masonic, and more. Nowadays we’re not talking about medieval engraves anymore, and men would rather have their rings marked with a meaningful group of letters or figure.

Exclusive signet rings Pictures, Images, Photos, Wallpapers

Exclusive signet rings Ideas

Unique gift ideas for your fiancé – exclusive signet rings

Purchasing a mass-produced signet ring for a loved one is not a very original idea of a gift. To really make an impression, it’s really important to think outside the box. Answer yourself the following question: is your fiancé fond of jewelry, and if he is will he appreciate a custom-made signet ring? Buying an exclusive present is no longer a difficult task for women, at not least not now in today’s modern world where we can customize everything. As far as signet rings are concerned, choosing the right engraving will help you impress your loved one and truly make him love you even more.

Types of engravings to consider for your signet rings

Things have changed a lot over the years, yet some men are still fond of the classic type of signet ring. Egyptian and Celtic designs can be easily adapted to the modern era to make your gift truly unique and out of the ordinary. An important distinction between contemporary and antique signet rings is linked to the official seal. Antiques seals had political purposes, and therefore it was the job of the engraver to make the ring opulent in order to reflect the wearer’s status.

Nowadays, we’re not talking about signet rings meant to highlight power anymore. Men don’t want really extravagant rings because they’re not considered classy at all. Such a gift idea has a personal purpose, which is why the engraving is so important. Shape matters too, and most men like to wear oval signets rather than square.

Golden signet rings for men Pictures, Images, Photos, Wallpapers

Golden signet rings for men

Silver vs. golden signet rings

Although this is a matter of budget since we’re talking about gifts, we have to admit that most men prefer gold. There’s nothing more powerful than wearing a beautifully crafted engraved signet ring; and if that ring was custom-made, then you’re wearing perfection on your little finger.

Alternative materials are platinum and palladium, and although these metals are more expensive, the effect is not the same. The most affordable type of signet ring for men is the one made of silver. It’s best to invest in quality silver if you want to make an impression, and your fiancé will really appreciate the gesture.

Are you ready to make your loved one feel special? Signet rings for men are back in style. They’re trendier than ever, so if you’re having troubles picking something nice for an anniversary or birthday, investing in such a luxurious accessory will certainly blow away your significant other. Keep it simple with the engraving and try to opt for a crest or carving that can really appeal to the senses of your fiancé. Although men are not that good at exhibiting emotion, when he will open up your gift he will definitely be amazed with the choice you made.

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