Lose Weight Without Diet – Yoga Health Benefits

December 15, 2012

A few months back, I met my friend Sherlyn, who looked confused and depressed. When I questioned her, she said that her weight has been growing at an alarming rate and that is really worrying her. She immediately turned to crash dieting. Though initially the results were good, she was unable to retain it for a longer time. Eventually, it resulted in weight gain, in fact, even more weight than the earlier stages. Then I told her that she need not worry and gave her some health tips on effective weight loss without dieting. I recommended that she should adopt yoga, as it is one of the most widely used cost effective techniques used for weight loss. Soon she got trained under a yoga expert and called me to convey the fantastic results she had seen by practicing yoga and thanked me for the same.

Lose Weight Without Diet – Yoga Health Benefits

There are innumerable benefits of yoga, both physical and mental. Yoga helps in shedding the unwanted pounds in a healthy way. It helps to increase your balance, strength, flexibility, endurance, and helps you to concentrate on things in a better way. Though the obese people may think that they do not have the flexibility that yoga needs, one must keep in mind that only practice will improve your skills. It helps in strengthening your muscles and makes you feel more stronger. Apart from the physical benefits, the pranayama and  meditation techniques help you to quieten, calm and relax your mind, thus aiding in relieving your stress, anxiety and depression.

Research has shown that the overweight individuals who practice yoga for at least half an hour everyday lose four to five pounds, while those who do not practice yoga continue to gain weight. The yoga health benefits are more subtle and include mind body aspects as well. Yoga helps you to change the way you look at your life. It helps you to accept the changes more easily and look into its deeper positive aspects. It changes your lifestyle completely and helps you to change your eating patterns because of the spiritual connection with your body. Power yoga is becoming more popular because of its fat burning potential and immense heart benefits.

The physical benefits of yoga help in the elongation and compression of the internal organs that aid in improving digestion and enhancing metabolism. It also tones and strengthens your muscles, giving your body a more sculpted look. It corrects your posture, thus making you look better and thinner. It increases the blood circulation, helps in better digestion, ensures better quality of sleep, etc. Doing asanas is a great way to lose weight. The benefits of yoga are not limited to weight loss, rather it helps the person to be more patient, become more aware of his/her inner self, and be aware of the food that he/she is eating, thus leading to a more healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, incorporate yoga not only for weight loss, but also for better mental and physical health.

Author Bio – Flora Johns is a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and best-selling fitness author. Who enjoys spreading the good word about all things fitness. She has a huge fascination with the best ways to burn fat. She regularly update her blog http://www.exerciseshub.com on various exercises, yoga and diet.

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