Lose Body Fat Just In A Week With These Magical Exercises

February 26, 2019

Losing weight is not just about getting rid of the body fat but it is more of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Women who want to lose weight in a week must see that going on fad diets helps none. It is just another way of playing with the body and affecting it negatively.

However, if one opts for a healthy way of losing weight, the results are visible in a week’s time. The best way to get rid of body fat in a week is to indulge in exercises and healthy eating habits. Let us see how to lose weight in a week’s time.

Lose Body Fat Just In A Week With These Magical Exercises

Tips to Remember Before Beginning Exercises

Before you go on to hit the gym, make sure you go through the following tips:

  • Set realistic goals, you should always know what your body type is and how rapidly you tend to lose weight. Straining the body too much can result into fatigue and exertion.
  • Sleep for good 8 hours. This is the best way to provide body with some rest and prevent it from getting exhausted.
  • Self control is the key. If you want the visible results, you should cut down on refined carbs.
  • Indulge in facial exercises. For visible effects of weight loss, don’t just run after the belly fat, pay attention to the area around face and neck as well.
  • Keep yourself hydrated at all times. Drink water to flush out toxins from your body.

Exercises to Lose Weight

Lose Body Fat Just In A Week With These Magical Exercises
  1. Rope Jumping

It is not just a child’s play. Jumping ropes can help you to get rid of overall body fat as it has fat burning potential. Skip for 2 minutes in the beginning with your arms intact and wrist rotation. Land softly on your feet and continue with some variation afterwards.

2. Jumping Squats

This plyometric exercise works wonders for the body. To lose weight rapidly and easily in a week, this exercise is quite effective. However, overdoing it can put more stress on the knees. Jumping squats aid in faster calorie burning by activating fast-twitch muscles.

3. Facial Exercises

Facial exercise are equally important to lose body weight. Indulge in such exercises help in reducing face fat and tone facial muscles. You can do chin-ups, air blows, cheek puff, etc. to lose face fat. These exercises help to get a slimmer and slender face in relatively no time.

4. Planks

While you indulge in planking, muscles throughout the body are out to work. Planks work best for endurance and they help to get rid of the fat from shoulder and core area primarily. If your endurance is kick-ass, you can easily burn fat in shorter period of time.

5. Step Up Jumps

As easy as it may sound, step ups are relatively difficult to indulge in. This exercise is primarily hip dominant and more stress is given on to the knees. You tend to lose fat on legs and glutes with this exercise.

Overall, you can get rid of body fat in a week if you have a body type that tends to lose weight faster. However, it is recommended to not indulge in this hurried process and let the body adapt to the healthy way.

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