Looking Good is Feeling Good

February 28, 2013

The contemporary lounge suit that is tailored today has served the same purpose for men for hundreds of years.  That purpose of course is to formally look sharp, comfortable, and portray a man’s social identity through elaborate design and proper etiquette.  For most men, a suit is more than just a fashion trend, but more of an inner morale booster and confidence maker.  For nearly 400 years, the men’s suit has evolved in and out of fashion, with new trends, designs, textures, and styles.  Having a little insight about some of these past trends will help the professional create their own opinion to help the tailor decisively create the perfect custom suit.

Looking Good is Feeling Good

Mens Suits – Looking Good is Feeling Good

In the evolution of the men’s suit, the premise that has guided the creation of new styles are historically in the interest of comfort for the person wearing the suit.  The rules for lounge suits began to evolve to its contemporary look in the 19th century.  Beau Brummell of England can be accredited as the iconic figure.  Brummel had the fashion idea that rejected the overly ornate fashion trends that were so common in England at the time.  Instead of wearing the long coat, waistcoat, cravat, wig, and knee breeches, he introduced the dark coat, full length trousers, and the tie to create more comfortable and easier attire that was tailored specifically to the individual.  This was the beginning of the Regency era, or contemporary era of men’s fashion.

In the regency and Victorian era, it was still common for men to dress in long coats or frock coats.  This was the standard dress for the majority of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.  Frock coats are most distinguishable as having a skirt at the bottom of the coat.  There is also the morning coat, which has a tail which hangs from the back of the coat.  These styles can still be used today and are considered traditional formal attire.  In the 1920’s however, a new informal coat was invented and was termed the short coat or dinner jacket and was used at the time for informal evening gatherings such as sporting events.  When this coat was brought to the U.S, it received the modern name tuxedo. Today, tuxedos are considered semi-formal dinner coats and are the most common short tail coats in fashion today.

Although the modern suit is not as worn as it has been in the past, it still serves the same purpose and can make any man look.  It is essential for a good suit to be custom fit for the individual it is made for.  Do you need a suit broker to help you find the perfect looking suit for work or formal occasions?  3 Day Suit Broker can get you the most quality suit from the top brands at half the price others charge.

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