Look Great on Your Wedding Day in Five Simple Steps

February 12, 2013

Let’s face it; wedding planning can be stressful, but it’s important to rest and relax before the big day. All eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle, so take care of your appearance and look great as you say “I do”.

Here are five beauty tips for all brides-to-be:

Don’t buy the first dress you see

If your loved one has popped the question, it can be tempting to buy the first decent wedding dress you see – but don’t. Take your time to browse the array of shapes, styles and designs on offer and choose something to suit your personality and body shape. There are plenty of wonderful bridal shops around, so see what’s on offer and don’t settle for second best.

Don’t buy the first dress you see

Look Great on Your Wedding Day

Try a non-surgical procedure

Does your skin look dry, dull and lifeless? If so, a chemical peel could be just what your need. It will remove dead skin cells from your face and will leave you with a beautiful pre-wedding glow. Similarly, microdermabrasion offers a deep form of exfoliation that will improve your complexion, so why not book a non-surgical treatment at a well-known clinic? You’ll look and feel refreshed within minutes and will be ready to meet your friends and family.

Book surgery in advance

Many brides-to-be go under the knife to achieve perfection, but if you want any work done – book in advance. You don’t want swollen or a bruised face as you walk down the aisle, so find out more about the cosmetic surgery you require and plan your dates carefully. Arrange a consultation with a highly-trained surgeon and ask how long you’ll need to recover completely – as this could save you a lot of embarrassment.

Pamper and preen on a daily basis

If your wedding is rapidly approaching, don’t forget to pamper and preen on a daily basis. A little bit of TLC will keep your skin, hair and nails in good condition, so don’t forget to exfoliate, moisturise and steam your face (to open the pores). Visit a salon to have your eyebrows threaded, get your nails done professionally and even learn how to make a homemade facemask. Mashed up avocado can reduce the signs of ageing and strawberries can sooth acne, so get creative in the kitchen.

Plan your hairstyle

Will you have your hair up or down? Should you wear a tiara or stick to jewelled accessories? If you’re not sure how to have your hair, ask a stylist for advice. Practice your look at a reputable salon and make sure you’re totally satisfied before your big day. You need to be able to walk, dance and parade around, without your hair failing out, so opt for something pretty – yet practical.

Take care of your appearance throughout the year and look wonderful in all your wedding photos.

Isabella is a beauty and lifestyle blogger, she also has a cosmetic surgery blog where she gives advice on all cosmetic procedures like breast reductions to surgical Rhinoplasty procedures

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