London – The Fashion Capital of the World

October 11, 2012

Throughout the centuries there have been a few cities which influenced the way humanity has dressed. Among those chief were the cities of London, New York, Millan and Paris as many fashion trends originated from their subcultures and spread across the globe in a tide of incredible clothes and influencing the entirety of society.

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Today the fashion capital of the world is London, according to annual polls performed by Global Language Monitor, an analytics company which reached this conclusion after collecting information from the global media. The impressive capital of Britain has kept the title for two years now thanks to its media coverage and events such as the famous London Fashion Week.

The Fashion week has been around since 1984, organized by the British Fashion Council and it has served as one of the pinnacle events in global fashion alongside with similar events in the other rival fashion capitals. It is an event not open to the general public although there are live internet feeds on the event’s website since 2010 when designers decided to give internauts a chance to see their collections as they are being presented without being there in person. A true powerhouse of fashion, this event shapes the global trends with the work of famous designers and every year the media becomes abuzz with excitement as the event goes on. After the Fashion Week is over there comes the London Fashion Weekend, where the focus shifts from presentation to retail sales which gives a chance to the public to purchase many of the works of designers present during the event.

London - The Fashion Capital of the World

Because of its incredible significance and leading role in world fashion London is a wonderful destination for a shopping spree of stylish and impressive clothes and accessories and an opportunity any true fashionista should not miss at any cost. In many ways London has shaped the world’s music scene as well which always went hand-by-hand with the fashion scene, so local subcultures and artists often pass or gain ideas from the fashion scene and their symbiotic connection created notable artists and bands which sparked new fashion trends. The connection between fashion and music is very strong in London and the ripples of its effects spread across the world, changing it in amazing ways.

London - The Fashion Capital of the World

London serves as the headquarters of many brand leaders in clothing like Victoria’s Secret, Burberry, Lonsdale, Crombie and many others. Their stores are spread across London and many travelers and tourists visiting the capital love taking a walk around the River Thames and in the center of town in search for new opportunities to show off their fashion sense. Some great parts of London to visit if you’re looking for that wonderful shopping therapy are the following:

  • Bond Street, where the greatest of the brands have amazing choices where the rich and influential have shaped the fate of the British capital since the 1700s.
  • Oxford Street, where one can lose himself in the hundreds of shops spanning for more than a mile.
  • Carnaby Street, where any fashion enthusiast can appreciate the hundreds of boutiques with unique merchandize for those who are looking for something independent and unique.
  • Savile Row, mostly known for its focus on men’s fashion and tailors.

No matter how you spend your time in London you will always have an opportunity to experience fashion at its best. Should you ever decide to explore this world of ideas – do your best to enjoy yourself!

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