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October 11, 2017

Vitamin D is very important for the body. Many people suffer from its lack in the body. This is because the only source of Vitamin D is sun rays. It only gets absorbed in the body when one spends some moments under the sun. Failing to do so can result in its deficiency and gives rise to a lot of health issues.

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A lot of people consume artificial form of Vitamin D in the form of supplements which does no good to the body. In fact, it brings more discomfort in the later years. Tanning sessions are designed to provide you the safe and adequate amount of Vitamin D to compensate for the loss.

What are the problems caused due to low levels of Vitamin D?

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Low levels of Vitamin D are a cause to many health problems in the body. Some of them are low blood levels, muscle weakness, fractures, brittle bones, high blood pressure, arthritis, osteoporosis, and specific type of cancers too.

Colds, autoimmune issues, flus, neurological diseases, tight muscles, psoriasis, etc. are the result of a prolonged deficiency of Vitamin D in the body. Proper supply of UV rays in the body just not saves your body from developing these health issues but also wards off depression, mood fluctuations, PMS, and specific skin conditions.

How tanning beds proves to be useful for Vitamin D production?

Tanning beds are one of the best introductions in the medical industry. It is a safe and effective method to overcome the deficiency of Vitamin D in the body. As per a research paper published by renowned medical professor Dr. Michael Holick, it was found that tanning beds are more effective than other artificial treatments.

This device, when used thrice a week, can help in monitoring vitamin D blood levels in the body. Use of this device has proven to give remarkable results to a person. Taking it for one continuous week, vitamin D blood levels increase by 50 percentage. When continued for five weeks, the amounts of Vitamin D can further increase by 50 percentage.

How beneficial is tanning peptide method?

Tanning peptide is another important treatment that stimulates the pigment forming cells in the body. This treatment stimulates these cells to increase the content of melanin in the body. Tanning peptide treatment boosts melanin level in the skin and makes it look tanner.

The results of this treatment are hardness in the muscles, right levels of Vitamin D and fat loss in the body.  Also, all the above health issues that are caused due to lack of this essential vitamin in the body are also cured. Three such tanning peptide sessions are said to provide 30K to 75K of vitamin D depending on type of skin and other factors.


Tanning is one of the best ways to get an adequate amount of Vitamin D in the body. It is especially beneficial for people during the winter season when the sun’s rays are very weak enough to produce right amounts of Vitamin D in the body. So, tanning sessions help the body to produce right Vitamin D levels.

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