Learn 5 Fitness Hacks from these Working Women

December 8, 2016

The life of a modern woman is not without challenges. Juggling between work and home leaves little scope for them to take out some time for themselves. As a result,many put their wellness and physical health on the backburner.

Following an active lifestyle is an integral component of keeping fit and healthy. We are all aware of it, but feel overwhelmed to include the same in our daily lives, due to paucity of time.  We found a few women who are able to manage this uphill task of squeezing some time from their busy schedules for their fitness regime. So, if you too have been postponing your fitness activities for a while, get inspired from the following 5 ladies, who despite having a full-time job are committed to the cause of holistic living and good health –

Neha Pandey, Business Development Manager

Location of your gym matters.

Balancing the seesaw of ‘professional’ and ‘personal’ did not come easy for Neha.  The move from a joint family set-up to a nuclear one post marriage was a bumpy transition. Suddenly, she had to don the role of a decision maker and own up to many responsibilities of her house. On top of that, her challenging job further added to her woes.In order to break free from the mundane cycle of life, she was aware she had to make some changes in her lifestyle.

“As a Business Development Manager, one is under constant pressure. You have to travel a lot and meet clients and follow-up with them. It requires a lot of persistence, focus and patience.  Despite an active professional and personal life, I knew I had to include some sort of activity that allowed me to rejuvenate myself. After weighing several options, I finally decided to join a gym that offered cardio exercises, weight training and also several group classes like Zumba, Bollywood Dancing, Yoga and Aerobics. These are fun sessions and I go for them at least 4 to 5 times in a week, besides my regular exercises. This move has brought an immense change in my life. I feel and look better. I admit it’s difficult, but with little bit of planning it can be done. For instance, I have joined a gym which is located enroute to work. I don’t have to take a detour and can attend gym as and when my schedule permits.”

Kriti Yadav, Senior Product Manager

Have a gym at home

Kriti Yadav, a young professional from Gurgaon has been a workout junkie from a fairly young age. Post marriage and two kids, things didn’t slow down either, and her love for gym continues even today through active participation in cardio- and weight training. In fact, she has a fully equipped home gym. “A mix of cardio and weight training is my routine. I am very stringent about my workout and exercise six times in a week. I love sweets, particularly chocolates, but I am mindful of what I eat. Given my hectic life, maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes a challenge. But if you are mentally strong and resilient, things fall into place.”

SimontiniNayak, Social Media Manager

Exercise whenever you get time

Smart, perky and full of life, SimontiniNayak is your regular working woman who has a demanding professional and social life. “My job of a social media manager requires me to be on my toes all the time. Generating reports, coordinating between teams and going to client meetings used to leave me exhausted by the end of the day. I used to feel zapped and drained when I reached home. However, things began to change in July this year, when I joined a gym on the insistence of a colleague. Initially, I wasskeptical, but soon I started enjoying my fitness schedule and realized that I felt less burdened and more energetic”.

That’s right. One of the many perks of working out is that you feel less fatigued. Several studies have indicated by performing low to high intensity work outs regularly can reduce tiredness significantly. Ms. Nayak never misses out on her workout and the days she is unable to hit the gym, she makes sure, she jogs or walks around the vicinity of the office.  She keeps a pair of jogging shoes in office and heads for a brief run during breaks. This is a great fitness hack, if you don’t have the time to go to a gym, then make time during your day to day activities and exercise whenever you get time.

Kriti Sharma, Social Media Analyst

Workout from the comfort of home

Asports and fitness enthusiast during the college days, Ms. Sharma’s fitness regime hit a road-block as soon as she started working. Suddenly, there was no time to go to a gym. Since her office is located in a far off location, it takes her more than an hour to reach her work place. Given the hectic nature of her schedule, she started working out at home. 20 minutes of high-intensity, equipment free circuit training is all that she does. This short-spell of high intensity workout helps her maintain her fitness and energy levels. She hasn’t taken up an expensive gym membership and exercises from the comfort of her living room.

Besides this, Ms Sharma also observes a strict diet plan. According to her, “I do cheat once a while, but I mostly eat homemade meals. I make sure I carry lunch and light snacks from home. I also ensure that I remain hydrated. For this I carry a water bottle with me at all times. I never leave my house without my bottle which I fill up from the water purifier installed at my home. You can never be sure about the purity of water.  Therefore, water dispensed from water purifier such as Kent RO system is reliable.”

Manisha Makroo, SEO Manager

Take up outdoor running

A marathon runner and a fitness freak, Manisha Makroo is another example of modern working women who have to undertake a long commute every day. “Working as a SEO Manager for a leading Digital Marketing Agency requires me to not only work for extended hours, but also requires me to travel a lot. I started running marathons when I was in UK to pursue my Master’s degree. However, since then there has been no looking back. Although, I don’t get time to engage in exercises in the traditional way i.e. by visiting a gym, I try meeting my fitness goal by running on weekends and participating in various marathon events.”  She further adds “Running is an extremely liberating experience and is great for fitness and over all wellness.”

While most women embark on the journey to fitness in an attempt to lose weight, soon they realize that keeping fit is not just about obsessing with the number on the weighing scale.  It is more to do with keeping happy and confident.

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