Largest Shopping Malls in the World

October 22, 2012

Shopping malls have been focal points for trade around the world for more than a hundred years since they began spreading as an idea, the logical continuation of outdoor and indoor markets. They offer a multitude of services, groceries, fashion accessories, clothes and a variety of goods unmatched by any other type of market. They entice us with their luxurious atmosphere and their design meant to inspire Although they are everywhere nowadays there are a few incredible behemoth-sized malls around the world which offer an amazing variety of goods which bring equally amazing revenue to their owners along side clientele traffic most other malls can only dream of. These are the largest and most impressive in the world:


The Berjaya Times Square Mall

Located in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia it spreads out on the impressive seven hundred thousand square meters or 7.5 million square feet, housing more than a thousand different shops and an even greater number of luxury suites and 65 restaurants and fast-food venues. It also houses an impressive theme park which is considered the largest in Asia carrying the formal name Cosmo’s World. The theme park has a number of interesting attractions like the Supersonic Odyssey, the largest indoor roller coaster in the world and also top spin rides and condor rides among others. It also has an IMAX theater. Its shops offer anything from apparel entertainment to even IT technology.

Largest Shopping Malls in the World

SM Megamall in Metro Manilla

It was built by the SM Prime Holdings group which operates on more than 330 thousand square meters. It opened its doors in 1991 and today it offers fashion apparel, jewelry and sporting goods alongside some indoor department stores, hardware stores and toy stores. It has some great opportunities for good food in the face of the lower level where the whole floor has been purposed with that task.

Cevahir Mall

A visually impressive mall in Istanbul, Turkey which overflows with golden colors spanning six floors up with a mixture of restaurants, accessories, apparel and lingerie stores among others. It was built in 2005 and spans only about sixty thousand square meters, though it looks a lot more visually striking compared to the other two entries. It has twelve indoor cinemas and a small rollercoaster among other things. One of the most remarkable details about the mall is its beautiful glass roof which holds the world’s second largest clock.

Largest Shopping Malls in the World

West Edmonton Mall

A 1981 mall located in Alberta, Canada it is by far the largest shopping mall in the entirety of North America. I spans an incredible 570 thousand square meters and held the title of the world’s largest mall all the way until 2004. The mall had an interesting run-in with Disney on naming its impressive indoor theme park Fantasyland after which they had to change the name to Galaxyland. Nowadays the theme park has a number of great rides for kids and adults in addition ot its wide variety of shops and food opportunities.

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