Know What Your Favourite Flower Say About You!

February 27, 2019

Flowers are an expressive lot. They talk a lot when words fail and express your feelings when you are unable to do so. Each flower stands for some special characteristics. Based on what flowers you like, one can tell a lot about you.Want to know what your favourite flower reveals about you? Go, figure!

Know What Your Favourite Flower Say About You

Red Rose: Rose stands for love and affection. They never go out of style. People, who like roses are versatile and resilient, just like them. The lovers of redrose work to stay relevant and upbeat. The brightness and love for luxury come to them easily. You are a romantic and an optimist. You see good in everybody and can’t hide your emotions.

Orchids: The orchids represent luxury and royalty. When you love orchid flowers, you command some power and intrigue. You come across as little mysterious to people and obviously, totally irresistible. Orchids have little exoticness to them and if you like them, it is quite possible that you are popular and little overbearing. You don’t mind taking decisions and sticking to them, no matter what! You like to enjoy the finer side of life.

Peonies: These dainty flowers are feminine and feel like home. People, who love peonies have a sense of enlightenment within and are comfortable with themselves.  They love to wander off to a remote place. They yearn for peace and care comes naturally to them.

Know What Your Favourite Flower Say About You

Carnation: Carnations are cheerful and vibrant flowers. If you are in love with carnations, you possess a bright, upbeat and bubbly personality. You might give in to the mood swings but eventually, you are back to be what you are!  A happy person! Carnations date back to Greek and Roman times and no wonder, you have something exotic in you.

Hydrangea: Dear Hydrangea lovers, you love sunshine and hate the winter gloom. You are at your shiniest best when it is sunny. You are social and totally, a team player. You love to hang out with your pals at work. You believe in finding your way on your own. You keep appearances and people only close to you could tell what’s going on in your mind.

Tulips: If you like bulb-shaped, bold colour flowers of tulips; you are a cheerful and happy person! You are carefree and a happy-go-lucky person. You are emotional but you tend to forgive people easily too.

Know What Your Favourite Flower Say About You

Daisy: People, who like daisies, a flower with white rays and yellow disc, bear sunshine. They come across a ray of hope on a gloomy Monday morning. You tend to be a little insecure sometimes, but you know how to come out of it and be your shinier self. Daisy flowers also represent innocence, pure love and beauty. In some communities, it stands for fertility too. In the practical world, you can associate it with creativity, inventive mind and new beginnings.

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Can you relate to any of the personality traits? Do you know anybody who loves these flowers and has similar traits? Let us know in the comments about your favourite flower and we will be happy to scan your personality for you!

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