Know the Diamond Earring designs that will suit your face type

September 16, 2016

Your face is indeed the mirror of your inner self.  So why not light it up with a dazzling pair of earrings. Earrings are one of the most important accessories that can transform your look.

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There are times when we make an impulsive purchase and more often than not, that pair rests peacefully in our jewellery box because we don’t feel confident enough to pull them off. Life is not just about investing in what you like but is more about investing in what would make you shine.

Girls, here is a checklist on how you can hit the bull’s eye with a pair of earrings. The sea of diamond jewellery available online gives every woman unmatched choices. The key is to get the equation correct and find the ultimate balance between the structure of the face and the earrings.

Just as one buys clothes that flaunts one’s figure, similarly one needs to invest wisely in a pair of diamond earrings as this particular accessory draws maximum attention to the face. Before anything else, it is important to know the shape and structure of the face to opt for  the right pair.


As per the fashion bible, one is blessed if one is born with an oval shaped face.  This face structure can pull off all possible earring styles with élan. To highlight your face, you can try out a long tear drop style earrings or a wide style diamond studded danglers to flaunt the right look.

Round or Full face shape

One with full face can have a blast with long, narrow oval danglers or chandeliers. These can balance the width of your face with height. You can also try out designs with strong vertical lines bordering on rectangles and trapezoids. The diamond jewellery showcased online offer great choices that would leave you yearning for more. So, pick from the ones in yellow and white gold embellished with diamonds of different cuts and colours coupled with gemstones and pearls.


All you have to do is subdue the jaw line by wearing something that gives your face a sense of warmth and length. Look for pieces that are dimensional and have longer curves.

Strictly avoid studs or square shaped earrings. You can also give hoops a try as they look quite classy and go well with different occasions.


You just need to add a bit to the fullness of the face to accentuate the width and tone down the length of the face. The idea is to add an impression of fullness. Lucky you! You can select from the most amazing variety of wide designed hoops, chandeliers and studs that are in fashion. If you just look for the diamond jewellery collection available online, you will be amazed at the outstanding and unique design options available for you.

Heart shaped

Here is the whole game change. Straightaway head for designs that are broad at the bottom.  Even if you are tempted, don’t buy earrings that are triangular or heart shaped. Moving away from the conventional, you can also try out chandelier earrings with a diamond shape to offer symmetry to the face.

So now that you know, confidently browse through premium online diamond jewellery stores like and flaunt a look that is an absolute show stealer.

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