Keep Away the Wedding Day Blues…Pick the Right Shoes

October 16, 2012

Aside from the dress, the most important piece of wedding day attire for the bride is, of course, her shoes. Making sure she has the perfect pair to complement her dress style as well as her wedding theme is crucial. To make sure that the chosen wedding shoes satisfy each of these requirements and to keep away the wedding blues, one must consider the height, style and colour of her shoes. Size may be an important consideration as well petite shoes may be required.


While shoe height is important for a variety of reasons, the most important is comfort. Choosing a style that can be worn all day without causing blisters or general foot discomfort is the single most crucial selection to be made. Aside from comfort, a bride must also consider her hem length of her gown or dress. Selecting a pair of shoes that is appropriate to her dress is also important. Typical wedding shoes range anywhere from flats to heels of a variety heights, with the typical heels ranging anywhere from 2 to 5 inches. To achieve the appropriate feel and comfort level, one must simply try on a variety of different heights until she finds the most comfortable.

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After selecting a desired height, a bride can then proceed to choose a desired style of wedding shoe. Brides today wear any number of styles ranging from flats to stilettos. Common styles include precious ballet flats with embellishments, sweet kitten heels, or even dramatic stilettos. Other choices include high-end sandals or even dazzling thongs. The appropriate style depends most upon one’s chosen wedding theme and personal fashion sense. Choosing a low profile sandal or ballet flat speaks of a simple, understated style, while a bedazzled stiletto presents a more dramatic approach to wedded fashion. Staying true to one’s unique sense of style will ensure that no unnecessary day of doubts arise, in regards to the shoe choice at least.

Right Wedding Shoes


While shoe colour may seem like an unnecessary consideration to some, determining a shoe colour that remains true to the bride’s intended style but that makes a statement of uniqueness provides the bride a truly individualized look. Many brides opt for the most traditional colour choice and simply select a white shoe or sandal with understated embellishments. Other neutral colours include muted tans, creams, or nudes. Even silver and gold are versatile styles that are not overly dramatic. The newest trend in wedding shoe fashion, however, is selecting a poppy colour that makes a bold, intensified appearance of the bride’s personality and distinction. Modern brides often choose one of their wedding colours to serve as a shoe colour, doing the colour in a rich, intensified hue of the original.

Whether traditional or contemporary, choosing the right shoe will go a step further to carry one’s wedding theme and style throughout the ceremony. Considering the shoe height, style, and colour and selecting a shoe based off of each determination will surely chase away any wedding day blues.

Written by Nisha Sharma – is an experienced freelance fashion writer and is currently representing a supplier of high quality stunning small size shoes.

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