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May 12, 2013

Apparel label Joules has come a long way since the early days of the brand, which started out as a supplier of bright pink wellies to brighten up the rainy British countryside.

Unsurprisingly, given how grim the British summer can be, the colourful designs created by Tom Joule caught on as a way to inject a little artificial sunshine into an otherwise grey day.

However, with the evolution of the brand over the years, it has become about much more than just wet-weather footwear, and is now a fashionable option whatever the weather.

Joules clothing

Joules clothing

Up Top:

The Joules range begins at head height, with a snug ladies’ scarf just one of the accessories available to choose from; this snood-like concept envelops the neck for reliable warmth, without any trailing ends.

It’s a typically innovative design from Joules and, like their original brightly coloured wellies, it might leave you wondering why nobody seems to have thought of it before.

Even if you’re not a fan of snoods, the Joules snug scarf might be a perfect alternative, as its fleecy fabric sits much more smoothly, without the folds of material you might expect from a snood.

Welcome Warmth:

Below the neck, you still need a way to stay warm while outdoors, whatever the weather. And with Joules clothing, you’re given plenty of options, all with the brand’s distinctive colours and styling.

Wax jackets add a waterproof element to outfits for men, women and children alike, with quilted coats also available for an extra degree of warmth if you live in a remote or exposed area, or simply like to wrap up warm in winter.

These can be coupled with the brand’s sweatshirts and fleeces, insulating the trunk of your body by trapping heat between multiple layers of comfortable, cosy clothing.

Heat at your Heart:

If you prefer to leave your limbs freer to move about more easily, Joules gilets are a good balance between warmth for your torso, without adding extra weight to your arms.

These quilted, sleeveless body warmers are available in a broad range of different colours and designs, and can even be worn beneath a larger coat to make doubly sure that you don’t feel a chill while out and about.

A Pick of Polos:

Joules is known to many for its range of polo shirts, and these remain a core component in the brand’s line-up.

At any age, and for any gender, there should be a wide range of options to choose from, with regular new additions as the seasons go by.

Fashion-Focused Feet:

Finally, we complete the journey from head to toe, with Joules socks and, of course, wellies as popular now as they ever have been.

Joules socks are available in a variety of colours, while the distinctive Joules wellies are now just one part of a line-up of footwear that continues the tradition of innovation.

Sturdy, warm and slip-resistant lace-ups are a hallmark of the Joules brand, and are again available for customers of all ages, demonstrating the continued commitment of this much-loved label to meeting the ongoing needs of its biggest fans.

About the author:

Anthony Mayhew is an equestrian sports writer with a strong interest in the history of the Joules clothing brand. He lives in Market Harborough, close to Joules’ UK registered offices.

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