Jewellery Checklist Straight from Bridal Diaries

November 16, 2018

A bride’s checklist is her ultimate bible until her big day. They include endless to-do lists both big and small. Among the hundreds of items that occupy this list, the main would be brides Jewellery, clothes and accessories that come along the way. Simply keeping a tick on the checklist does not close the item; it only initiates the beginning of a series of tasks related to it. For example buying matching bangles for every attire does not complete it, but arranging them in an order of the occasion does complete it. Hence, it takes a lot of preparation, planning and a whole lot of time to accomplish the checklist.

The key elements of the Bridal checklist remain constant globally. Jewellery and clothes top the list, the positions may differ for different regions but Indian brides top priority over centuries have been Jewellery. Nowadays, Jewellery houses have launched exclusive Bridal Boutiques, Bridal previews, personalized bridal Jewellery etc. Bridal Jewellery business is seen growing by leaps and bounds, redefining the perfect wedding moments bit by bit.  The growing Bridal Jewellery segment is predominantly region specific i.e. they produce Jewellery pieces worn by brides associated to a specific region. Example: Andhra Brides prefer a traditional Kasuluperu over a Satlada (which is favoured among the North Indians). Hence, jewellers in Andhra prefer stocking up Kasuluperu designs over other bridal wear.

Bridal Jewellery essentials

Choosing from over a sea of Jewellery items can often lead to a lot of confusion, here is a ready set of essentials that you can ponder on.

  1. Harams: They are Semi Long Jewellery items that come in a wide variety of designs ranging from plain gold Haram to diamond harams. A must have in the bridal treasure chest as they complete the attire, giving the bride a fulfilling look.
  1. Necklace/Kante/Choker- AMust Have: These are another primary set of Jewellery which every bride tends to buy. With a slight exception necklace, Kante and Choker are neck huggers and are apt with every attire and occasion.
  1. Vaddanam: A vaddanam is also called as Kamarbandh, waist chain etc. There are two kind of Vaddanam that are famous i.e. Gold Vaddanam and Diamond vaddanam. Both are equally beautiful and magnificent in their own way. They make a bride glow with grace and charm.
  1. Vanki: Often called Bajubandh, Vanki comes in various styles. There are adjustable vankis, Temple, Antique, Diamond vankis etc. One can now browse online a number of Gold vanki designs with price and compare them with each other.
  1. Gold Jada/MaangTika: These are optional accessories which brides of Andhra like to adorn their hair with, unlike gold jada, MaangTika has become very much common. Coming in vertical line and designs inscribed on it, the gold jada is a beauty to wear. Both of them enhance the bridal charm to a great extent.
  1. Other accessories that a bride would go for are the Hath Phool, Nath, cocktail rings, heavy Jhumkis,Maatha Patti and heavy Payal. These accessories makes a bride look complete.

Where to find your perfect Jewellery

Out of numerous online and in store options available, it often gets tricky to choose or zero down a store or a website to buy from. In times like these it is best to look for stores online which has physical presence as well, which is well reputed and those stores that have a wide range of designs. One ideal store of such stature is Vaibhav jewellers, which has both online and in store presence across two stores and two decades of experience. Look for their hallmarked, authentic and exclusive pieces.

Happy Shopping!!!


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