Jeans – Making the Difference during the Winter Holidays

July 20, 2014

Jeans have always been trendy and the multitude of models and styles are convincing enough for any outfit, elegant or sporty. They can be found in everyone’s wardrobe because they are versatile, comfortable and trendy. Moreover, a pair of jeans may represent the perfect solution when you got no other ideas. Whether you are late for work or you get ready for a party night with your friends, jeans provide easy and interesting solutions for special outfits.

During the winter holidays, you do not necessarily have to invest in a new wardrobe, no matter how tempting it seems. A lot of people purchase new, expensive or extravagant clothes, but they fail to understand that jeans will bring in some solutions that will not cost a fortune. Besides, a few smart decisions will give you an appropriate appearance for the Christmas or New Year’s Eve party. When it comes to men, their options to be elegant are quite limited and general, but ladies have numerous opportunities at their disposal.

Jeans and shirts

Jeans and shirts

A pair of jeans and a regular shirt may not be a unique combination. However, things can change to 180 degrees if you pick an appropriate shirt. Feel free to choose a strong color or perhaps a unique cut to make your outfit stand up in the crowd. If you only have white shirts, all you have to do is assort them with a statement necklace.

Jeans and coats

The jeans will always look great with elegant coats, as long as the pair you pick is not too sporty. You can easily build some interesting outfits by concentrating on the coat only. It is mandatory to come up with something that can make the difference, whether you count on the color, cut or print. The current trends include the strong and nude colors, but also the smooching revers or metalized nuances. The must-have pieces are supposed to have a masculine cut.

Jeans and peplum tops

The peplum has been reborn over the past few seasons and today, it is one of the most acclaimed options for women. The reasons for such a high reputation are widely diversified. Aside from its obvious capacity to underline your silhouette, it can bring in a little femininity as well. However, the jeans you choose must be appropriate too, so opt for a skinny or straight pair and you can count on a very attractive appearance. The lace, animal prints, velvet and silk are very popular for such an outfit, so you can always find something useful in your wardrobe.

Jeans and lace tops

The lace is just as popular this season, so it has a very important word to say when you plan on your winter holiday outfits. You can easily assort a lace top with a pair of jeans. For instance, if you hope to adopt an elegant look, you may opt for black skinny jeans and stiletto shoes. In this case, count on golden accessories and a bright red lipstick. On the other hand, if you plan to spend the holidays with your friends or family, assort the top with your favorite jeans and a pair of bootee shoes.

Jeans and corsets

A corset is ideal to underline your sensuality and femininity, so do not hesitate to get one when you hope to draw some attention. It can be successfully combined with some high heels and a pair of jeans that accentuates the shape of your legs. The outfit is daring enough, so a lot of women may not find it too appropriate. It is obviously recommended to young ladies who are not afraid of being in the limelight.

In conclusion, the jeans can take you out of a problematic situation at any given time. Just stick to your favorite pairs and change the rest. Some other useful combinations you may rely on include:

  • Jeans and metalized tops
  • Jeans and leather tops

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