James Bond Jewellery – 007 Carats

October 18, 2012

Swarovski is celebrating the new James Bond movie Skyfall with their new line of jewellery of the same name. Jewellery designer Stephen Walker was commissioned to design the new line, and he has chosen to focus on a theme of black Swarovski crystal encrusted silver snakes as pendants, wrap around rings, bangles, and chandelier earrings in four thrilling, action packed themes.

James Bond Jewellery - 007 Carats from Swarovski

Walker tells Vogue UK in their October 2012 issue, “Without question, collaborating with Swarovski on the jewellery for Skyfall has been exciting from the word go,” said Stephen Webster. “The themes in the film seem to fit perfectly with the design aesthetic of the jewellery I create, and the many creative meetings at Pinewood Studios between Swarovski, ourselves and the Bond team have only added to our enthusiasm for the project.”

Names for the new line also take inspiration from snakes, such as Love Knot, Black Bamboo, Heat Seeker and Queen Cobra. In an interview with Local Spotter, Walker details each of the four themes. On the Love Knot theme black and clear crystals are hand set in twists and turns, reminiscent of a modern take on the Celtic knot. The Black Bamboo theme takes inspiration from the popular bamboo theme from earlier James Bond movies. Heat Seeker looks like a black crystal encrusted ninja throwing start, but on a pendant and ring. And Queen Cobra is a series of black crystal embedded cobras wrapped around a large clear crystal of the same brand.

Of his new James Bond inspired line, the British designer says, “Naming the pieces was almost as much fun as creating them. Heat Seeker, Love Knot, Queen Cobra and Black Bamboo. All glamorously dark, a look we pull off like no other Jeweller.”

Walker has been working with Swarovski on a variety of projects for the last ten years. He designed the new line exclusively for the new Skyfall movie. He met with costume designers Jany Temime and Barbara Broccoli for the first time at Pinewood Studios, where all of the Bond movies are made.

Look out for the new line of jewellery in the newest addition to the classic spy movies on the new Bond girl, French actress Berenice Marlohe. Marlohe has publically stated that her character  Séverine is “glamorous and enigmatic.  She will wear the new line with a form fitting black evening gown studded with a Swarovski crystal tattoo pattern, while entering a Casino in Macau. In total they designed the jewellery for seven outfits, including one shower scene.

Produced for MGM, Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment, the twenty third edition of the spy franchise will also star Daniel Craig as James Bond and Javier Bardem as the evil villain. Production took place in the UK, Turkey, as well as China.  It will premiere in the United Kingdom on October 26th, 2012 to mark the 50th anniversary of the first James Bond movie Dr. No in 1962. It is the first James Bond film to ever be shown in IMAX theatres.

Article by Joel Mayer on Celeste Jewellery, one of Australia’s leading jewellers.  Check out the website for more information on Weddings Rings and Jewellery Repairs.

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