Items For Every Woman’s Wardrobe

May 20, 2014

Shopping for fashion collectibles is one of the most fun things on every woman’s list. Most of us go through the dilemma of ‘having a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear’ at least once in our lives. But for many who have this feeling often, here’s a foolproof list to own that will take care of surviving 2014 in perfect style.

The little black dress tops the list. Choose one that compliments your body type. It helps to go shopping for this one with your best girlfriends. If budget is your problem, try shopping online or check out designer sales. Go for something young but classic. The LBD is a must-have for every girl. The style mantra here is to stick to clean cuts, elegant styles, and something you can dress-up or dress-down as per the occasion. This translates into buying one that does not have any sequins or too much bling embroidered into it.

As per Oprah, a crisp white shirt is a must-have. Agreed! Find a shirt that is well-fitted to tuck-in with a formal skirt or keep out with a skinny pair of jeans. Cotton or Lenin shirts look the best and let your skin breathe.

Nothing is more flattering and feminine than a dress. This year is all about wrap dresses, so get your own as soon as possible. These come in stylish color prints as well as simple pastels. Find a length that is most pleasing to your height and weight. Anything too short can take away from this style in dresses, so don’t go shorter than about 4 inches above the knee.

Every place these days is air conditioned, and that’s why you need to invest in some light but warm clothing as well. Cashmere cardigans are perfect. Buy one in a neutral color that can go well no matter what your outfit.

Items for every woman’s wardrobeA nice t-shirt is a must for a woman, regardless of age. Choose a classic color like black or white. The neckline and fit are the most important aspects, in addition to the fabric. Buy the best possible fabric that hugs the body enough to show off your curves while keeping problem areas hidden. Also, go in for a neckline that is flattering to your body-shape and bust. For example, girls who are heavier on the bust should buy t-shirts that have a low neckline.

No woman’s wardrobe is complete without a killer pair of fitted jeans. Acid washed denims were all the rave at one time, but thank god that time is long gone. Find a pair in a color you like. Shredded jeans are not an ideal pair. The goal should be to find a pair you can even wear to a date, with a dressy top. Also, make sure that the style suits your body-type. For instance, today the skinny jeans are in vogue but can look unflattering on short and heavy girls.

It is amazing that many women, even in this day and age wear tacky or ill-fitted undergarments. It is essential to wear well-fitted bras and panties at all times. Not only does doing this boast your confidence, but also make you look your best. Take time to get your body measured by a professional before buying your next bra.

Fashion is not just about clothes and dressing right for the occasion. A huge part of personal style comes from the accessories you choose. Every girl needs to invest in things like a designer purse to carry at special parties, some diamond jewelry having large diamonds, a statement pair of earrings, nice pairs of stilettos for that oomph, a smart phone, and some high quality make-up.

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