Insights on Semi Permanent Makeup and Procedures

March 10, 2013

For any woman out there, waking up in the morning knowing you do not have to waste too much time on make-up is a desideratum. Even if it seems to be just a dream there are ways for this to actually happen. This does not mean you should not take care of your make-up and skin, but it means that in some areas you can give up on adding too much make-up and foundation to hide unwanted spots. This is the case for semi permanent makeup: it saves you time each day, while also beautifully contouring and defining your lashes, eyebrows, lips, cheeks.

Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi Permanent Makeup

Taking Things Step by Step

First things first, you should know what semi permanent makeup is. Then, you need to know what kind of procedures you can have in order to emphasize the beauty of your face and to use as a base for all sorts of makeup styles for both daylight and night.

Semi permanent makeup is a procedure which uses tattoos similar to makeup. This way, your eye lashes, your lips or your eyebrows can be emphasized in order to offer you a flawless look all the time. The pigments are pharmaceutical colors, injected in the dermal layers of the skin. This way, the tattoos look like actual makeup, but without smudges or spots. The procedure can also be used to hide defects or to create beauty spots which can attract the attention on a certain part of the face.

Increasing Popularity among Adult Women

In the present, most women commonly choose to have a semi permanent liner. There is actually an increase in popularity among adult age women around 25 to 45. Of course, semi-permanent makeup lasts for only two years, but this also means that women who decide to go for this alternative can forget about eye pencils and liners and lipstick for that period of time. According to the industry’s studies and surveys, the most popular areas to add semi-permanent makeup are the eyebrows and the lips. To be honest, this isn’t quite shocking as women place a lot of value on eyes and lips.

What the Actual Process Is all About

The whole process of semi-permanent makeup is quite simple. You meet with the makeup artist and decide on what you want them to work on. Together, you establish what is more appropriate for your skin tone and what suits your personality better. An allergy test needs to be performed with at least 24 hours before the actual procedure, to make sure there won’t be any problems while the makeup is applied. If you worry about the pain, forget about it. Before the makeup artist starts tattooing, the area is numbed with a cream. You might feel some pinching, but nothing serious. And in about half an hour, everything will be finished. The full recovery lasts a few weeks and it is very important to care for your skin with much attention during that time. The color resists for about two years, after which it begins to fade. If you want to revive it, you can refresh it once in a year and a half, approximately.


No matter what you choose – a semi permanent liner or other procedure – the idea is to be satisfied with the results. Just the fact that women can save a lot of time in terms of makeup is great, not to mention that the look and feel of a semi-permanent makeup is professional and durable.

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