Indian Jewellery Rich Of Culture and Beauty

September 26, 2016

Summary: Depending on your preferences and personality choose jewellery that will make you look FAB.

Jewelleries to Indians has dependably been more than just decorative embellishments for enhancing the beauty of their bodies.  The adornments portrays the evergreen Indian tradition , the rich cultural heritage of the nation along with the dramatic changes which Indian countrymen have gone through during the 5000 years old legacy period. As the saying goes the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and the way to reach a women’s is through jewelleries. Hence Indian jewelleries are rightly considered to be the best companion of a women which adds to the completeness of a women.  Adorning with jewelleries is an age old practice with its roots from the Sanskrit content with has gifted us with the everlasting concept of “ Sola Singar “.Which means 16 items are utilized to glorify the beauty of Indian women. Ethnic navlakha piece of jewellery, legendary bandhini adornments,etc, all the varieties of Indian traditional jewelleries are imbued within each and every part of India’s soul. You can adorn almost every part of the body with these ethnic jewelleries which ranges from mangtika to enhance the beauty of head, earrings to dazzle your ears, nose ring for glorigying your nose, bangles to portray true feminity, kamarband to flaunt your waist, and anklet to highlight your beautiful ankles and to name a few.

Jewellery is definitive piece of accessory which is capable of conveying a so-so dress to a next level of fashion statement, with just a statement necklace. Quite a few factors are taken into consideration when choosing to accessorize a jewellery piece with an  attire. Indian jewelleries are as divere and vivid as the colourful languages of India. Below we have presented a rundown of some of the curated and in vogue types of jewelleries which are made using definite syles.

  1. antique-jewelleryAntique Jewellery : . Usually antique jewelleries are age old and ones that are passed on from generation to generations .Now a days antique jewelleries are a part of modern fashion trends which are made using the gold or silver with a complex technique which involves the treatment with the process of oxidation to give it a rough and dull appearance.
  2. Bead Jewellery :A classic jewellery which was originated from the time of Indus Valley Civilization , bead jewelleries is usually crafted using one or more of the metals like gold , silver , ivory and precious gems which give them a beaded like appearance. This type of jewelleries are the most preferred choices for special occasions like Indian festivals or events.
  3. bridal-jewelleryBridal Jewellery : Generally brides are adorned with beautiful costumes complemented by glorious jewelleries in almost all cultures . But India is surely a standout amongst all Indian bridal dress designs are designed with the brightest colours and metals crafted in the attire along with the heavy bridal jewelleries for providing an enchanting look to the bride. Undoubetdly Indian bridal jewelleries are unbeatable with its exceptionally gorgeous designs incorporating solahsingar items complemented by divine wedding outfit.
  4. Custom Jewellery : Custom jewelleries are the unique creativity of fashionists to give a personalized touch to your adornments to make your individuality shine amongst the crowd. Such type of jewellery designs mirrors the wearer’s identity as well as matches their clothing styles.
  5. fashion-jewelleryFashion Jewellery : Contrary to the traditional jewelleries made of gold , silver etc , fashion jewelleries are light designer jewelleries which can be worn on everyday schedule. These types of jewellery designs is pretty much fashion conscious which changes as per the latest fashion trends.
  6. Filigree Jewellery : filigree adornments, the foundation base is made utilizing silver which is crafted using precision details and utmost technicality. This type of jewellery designs finds its wide application in numerous countries including Egypt, Spain , Italy. However, India is the hub of such kind of jewellery and proudly boasts of being the most prominent exporter to these countries.
  7. Gold Jewellery :Gold, the ultimate symbolism of Goddess Laxmi , is duly respected by every Indian. Favored as the highest most loved speculation, gold jewellery is also ones companion in those rainy days which serves as a form of  guaranteed investment, so it has money related esteem as well.handmade-jewellery
  8. Handmade Jewellery :While in some other countries, such kind of jewellery designs are considered to be pretty much outdated, but it has continued to charm the people of India with its bewitching styles. The USP of such designs is that the mastery of the pioneering art of the craftsmen shines through the aesthetic works of the jewels.
  9. Ivory Jewellery : These are crafted utilizing the tusk of an elephant. Apart from being the international identity of India, these type of jewelries holds numerous spiritual significance. Wearing such kind of jewelleries is thought to be auspicious for newly wedded brides in different regions of India including Gujrat and Rajasthan.
  10. JadauJewellery :Jadaujewlry commonly reffered to as engraved jewellery is one of the best example of highly proficient craftsmanship which was introduced by the Mughals. Thought to be a customary adornments of India, it is utilized as a part of numerous conventional and propitious events, similar to relational unions and celebration festivities.kundanjewellery
  11. KundanJewellery ; Kundan literally refers to gold which is the most ancient form of Indian jewellery made utilizing pure 24 carat gold . It usually comprises of stones has stones encrusted on one side and brilliant and mind boggling meenakari on the converse.
  12. Lac Jewellery :This flawless gift of Rajasthan to the inhabitans of India was the creation of tribals of Rajasthan. Some of the well known examples of such kind of jewellery designs are Bajuband, jod ,Gajra, etc which has gained extreme popularity throughout the globe.
  13. MeenakariJewellery :Meenakari is the advanced version of the vintage KundanJewellery design. Distinctive hues and stones complemented with softening gold are utilized to create such kind of eye catching designs. They are decorated with various shapes which might include religious idols, animals, beauty of nature etc for the ultimate divine look.
  14. NavaratnaJewellery :Navratnajewellery is a solitary piece of adornments which is crafted utilizing 9 auspicious stones following the instructions mentioned in sacred texts of Hindu mythology. They are utilized as charms to expel the negative vibes as well as the ill effects of planetary positions.
  15. PachchikamJewellery :PachchikamJewellery is extremely delicate as well as flashy with its unrefined look. It utilizes silver instead of gold which makes it wallet friendly and hence holds the USP of this jewellery design.
  16. temple-jewellerySilver Jewellery :The popularity of silver jewelleries is widespread in the urban as well as the rural areas of the country. The hallmark of these designs is their light weight and their affordable range.
  17. Stone jewellery :These types of jewelleries have become an integral part of every men or women for one or other reasons ,may it be spiritual or aesthetic. Different types of stones are meant for different ruling planets as per astrological beliefs, and hence are worn according to planetary positions in the birth chart.
  18. Temple Jewellery : In spite of the fact that initially considered as embellishments made for Gods and Goddesses, temple jewellery designs has saturated standard Indian circles, especially in the southern region.
  19. Tribal Jewellery :India has witnessed a rich legacy of tribal adornments. The landmark of sub asian continents encompases of 3000 tribes with each tribes reflecting its iconic form of jewellery designs. These type of jewelleries are made utilizing unique objects like wood, peacock plumes etc.
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