Impress your valentines with Dazzling Floral Head Wreath

February 7, 2014

Floral wreath is nothing but a flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes which will definitely intensifies the valentines heat. These wreaths are much popular among girls, which they use it as a garland and different ornamental purpose. These wreaths are readily available at different florist’s shop and that too in different sizes. Majority of florist serve you with the best fresh valentines flowers available in their store and make out from it stunning designer floral head wreaths for your valentines.

Impress your valentines with Dazzling Floral Head Wreath Cute Girl Pictures, Images, Photos

Impress your valentines with Dazzling Floral Head Wreath

These designer floral head wreaths that are created by florist have one standard size but as they are customisable, they are available in different sizes and forms too. By customising the wreaths one can make the wreaths in different larger and smaller styles. The head wreaths can also be made at the home, just one need to understand its technique and have a better practice in forming and creating at least simple wreath. Girls always have passion of wearing head wreaths and thus are always curious to know as to how to design and create a superb piece of stunning and dazzling floral head wreaths. So here are few tips for your guidance:

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Materials that will be requiring starting forming floral head wreath are as follows:

  • Floral cloth wire: Floral cloth wire is generally the base of the wreath. So you can use 18 gauge width wire or higher than that.
  • Floral stem wrap tape: Try to buy matching coloured stem wrap tape same as that of floral cloth wire. Buy it in stock or as per your requirement.
  • Wire cutters: This is required to cut the silk stems of the flowers.
  • Silk flowers: Choose appropriate flower that you want to wear in the form of head wreath. Look for perfect combination of flowers in which at least one could become a substantial flower along with the combination of moderate fillers as well as small fillers.

Substantial flower means focal flower that could be the focal point and centre of attraction of the wreath. Flowers like roses can be made substantial flower and the fillers can be a sort of small flower along with bunch of greeneries having at least one inch of stem that one can cut off. Choosing flowers can prove as little bit expensive option but you can opt for stunning cheap flowers in London for designing your wreath

Steps for making wreath:

  • Make your wire base:

Make a wire base by taking two pieces of floral wire and taping them together. Start wrapping floral tape around the wire where they connect slowly and tightly. Look for appropriate diameter of the wreath and wrap the ends of the wire.

  • Creating and attaching flower bundles:

Create small flower bundles and start designing the wreath at the back and slowly approach your work towards the front. If possible create two different types of small flower bundles for giving designer look. Now as you are having two alternate bundles, you can attach them to head wreath wire alternately. Tape each bundle to the opposite side with the focal flower being on the outside.

  • Adding bundles in such a way that it look like the stems aren’t there:

While taping the first bundle there, have been some spaces under where flowers were free of wire. So to remove that space, you need to slide the stem of the bundle and tightly wrap the bundle onto the wire. This step needs some practice. Continue this till it forms a good look.

  • Final taping:

Take a long piece of floral tape and wrap the single piece along each side of the wreath. This will give it more stability and will look much cleaner underneath.

Thus, this is how you can design a stunning and dazzling floral head wreath at your home.

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Chris, a popular online florist shop dealer of all types of flowers including cheap flowers in London, is most famous floral dealer in London. He is suggesting some of the tips for designing floral head wreaths.

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