How Wearing Heavier Makeup Will Affect Your Tinder Matches

December 7, 2018

Tinder is the best hookup app at the moment with over 20 billion successful matches. According to those who have used the app, they find it valuable for following other users and hooking up with those they like. People come to Tinder to look for people with qualities they like and match with them.

A group of researchers wanted to know the effect of makeup on Tinder matches. So, they started the experiment with women who use makeup. Let us see more of how heavy makeup application affects these matches.

What Statistics Show

According to reports from Tinder, women with light makeup have an over 25 percent higher chance of receiving a swipe to the right than women who are not wearing makeup. The big surprise is with those who wear heavy makeup because they have an almost 60 percent greater chance of receiving a match quickly. But this is from Tinder reports. What do real studies show?

Experiments including women of different backgrounds were conducted to reveal how heavy makeup use affects Tinder matches. For the test, these women had to have two accounts where their first profile picture had light makeup or no makeup while the other one had heavy makeup. They wanted to know which account would receive more swipes to the right, which means the men are interested. They also wanted to know the men’s thoughts about the different women in the pictures.

Natural Profiles

Unlike the Happy Matches website, which hooks up sugar babies with their older and wealthier counterparts, Tinder is open to all people to find matches as long as they like each other. Your profile here matters a lot and will determine which people will come knocking.

According to the experiment above, the profiles with pictures of women without makeup received a significant number of requests, but the men were interested in discussing things like hobbies, careers and other things apart from beauty. The women noted that men avoided flirting and calling them words like ‘’sexy’’ or ‘’gorgeous.’’ Probably, they took these women to be serious and career-focused people who do not have time for makeup.

Heavy Makeup

Notably, the profile pictures with heavy makeup had more requests than the other ones. From the perspective of the women, they felt appreciated and desirable because they had more matches. But the surprising part is that the conversation took a total turn for the women with heavy makeup. This time, the men were more flirtatious and sexual.

According to some of the women, the men wanted to hook up more quickly than they anticipated. Most asked for an immediate date. Some women felt like the men were just intent on using them because they looked beautiful rather than getting to know the women. The women felt like the men were in a race to see how many beautiful women they could get within the shortest time possible.


This simple experiment shows that makeup makes a difference in the conversations matches will have. One woman noted that being natural without makeup versus using heavy makeup attracts different types of men. Therefore, it is a fact that heavy makeup will give you more matches, but the matches probably will not be men who will respect your interests. If you are looking for a match to understand you in more depth, go for light or no makeup on Tinder.

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