How to Treat Underarm Problems

October 22, 2012

Dealing with armpit rashes can be very frustrating, irritating and embarrassing for most people.  Most often armpit rashes vary from mild to severe infections that could lead to vomiting and difficulty in breathing. It is also very hurting a lot.

There are many reasons for having underarm rashes. The main reason is summer season. It causes lots of perspiration from the body and maximum from side-arms. This causes the skin to become fragile and susceptible to developing rashes. Another reason could be the deodorant that you might be using. If it does not suit your skin, then it results into allergies. The continued use of the same deodorant will result into underarm rashes. So, one has to be quite careful in selecting the right deodorant or spray for use.

To keep away from armpit rashes here is some tips to consider.

Heat is a common cause of rash under armpits. It is caused when sweat ducts are obstructed during high heat or wetness.  This creates small, red bumps as this area is prone to heat build-up. To prevent this problem, ensure that your underarms are dry and cool. Ice cubes can help in cooling your underarms and gives you a soothing feeling. One must also apply those powders that have medicinal properties in them.

Underarm Rashes

Underarm Rashes

A rash in the underarm is sometimes due to contact dermatitis. It is caused when the skin is open to the elements or substances that irritate the skin. These allergens are can be found in deodorants, sprays, wax, soaps and other chemicals applied on your underarms. To avoid these allergens, eliminate the products that could be the source of this harmful chemical until the rashes are vanished. Always keep the area clean and dry. Before trying out any cosmetics always try to ensure that it does not harm your skin in any ways.

Another common reason for underarm rashes is the existence of fungus. Fungus strives in areas that are dark and moist making your underarm an excellent breeding ground for fungus. If the rash is not severe, you can simply opt for home remedies like putting cornstarch or baking soda on the affected part. Mix tea tree oil with water and apply it to your underarms twice a day to relieve itchiness and kills fungus. If the fungus is at initial stage, then it can be easily treated using medicinal therapies and basic medicines. However if it grows to a major level, then it becomes dangerous. It could result in to extreme pain and excessive itching. Also, the fungus could spread into other body parts. So, it’s always necessary to control it at initial stage itself.

Shaving is also a common cause for underarm rash. Razor burn is a result when the top layer of the skin is eradicate with a sharp blade. It typically appears as a red or pinkish rash with or without bumps.  To prevent this, ensure that your underarms are well-hydrated before shaving, use a shaving cream designed for sensitive skin. Before shaving, try to ensure that the blades are not very old as they results in scratches and further in development of rashes. You can also apply hydrocortisone cream on the affected areas. As an alternative of drying soaps, use an Aloe Vera-based shaving cream to prepare your underarms for shaving.

After an intense activities or bathing make sure to wipe out the sweat or excess water to keep the underarm dry.

Some rashes are very mild and are not itchy but still proper care and attention is an utmost importance to avoid complications. For severe rashes you need to consult a medical professional or a dermatologist to avail the best treatment for this problem.

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