How to Transform Your Windows with Trendy Curtains

December 21, 2012

A guide to keeping your windows at their best with a range of curtains and dressings. Focusing on how best to save money whilst never falling behind in trend and style this is a must read for keen decorators and interior stylists. Read on for more information.

When it comes to making the most of your living space nothing could be more important than the natural light, shape and style created by a well dressed window. Whether small, large, multiple or singular the open window space can make or break an interior design and as such should never be overlooked.

Of course in today’s financial climate creating the perfect look for your windows can be tricky and can leave you with the feeling that no matter what you try you will never be able to recreate some of the more opulent, trendy and fresh looks for the season. However, it is time to think again, with high quality, yet cheap curtains now readily available online, the room of your dreams is just a few clicks away.

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How to Transform Your Windows with Trendy Curtains

Get The Look
From ready made curtains to uncut fabrics there are cheap curtains to suit every room and every budget. Depending on how much work you are willing to do yourself, it is easy to save money and with a few little alterations create fashionable furnishings in no time. Simplicity really is the key to creating a subtle yet quality look so don’t think too much about the detail. Keep it simple with geometric patterned fabrics, floral motifs or plain fabrics that can be tied back to create shape and draw the eye towards the centre of the window.

Colour And Pattern Match
An easy and effective way to get the most for your money is to buy curtains that work with the surrounding room space. Essentially this doesn’t have to cost very much at all as the success of this look depends on making the right choices with regards to colour, texture and pattern. For busy rooms it is important to keep the curtains simple. A plain border or subtle stripe may work perfectly with a room papered with patterns and highly accessorized  Alternatively choose a busier fabric and bolder colour for rooms that lack any features and appear dull.

Pick Your Fabrics
One of the best ways to save on money but get the look you want is to opt for faux fabrics. These mimic the look of expensive fabrics but don’t come with the price tag to match. Faux silk curtains for instance look great in any size room and come in a range of colours and patterns to suit existing interiors. Whilst the price depends on the length and width of the curtains it is unlikely to set you back very much and will feel just like real silk.

For high quality yet cheap curtain deals it is well worth shopping around. With so many choices on offer and so many options online, including made to measure, it is easier than ever before to transform a space and enjoy a finished and polished look.

Written on behalf of this article is authored by Ruth Grey. A regular contributor for interior design and styling blogs, Ruth is an experienced designer and writer. Offering help and advice to those looking to improve their home Ruth draws on experience and research based on the latest new trends and offers.

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