How to Throw a Scary Halloween 2015 Party?

October 5, 2012

How to Throw a Scary Halloween 2015 Party? – Halloween is observed on 31st of October and is a holiday in many countries. People therefore decide to have a gala time with their friends or relatives on this particular day as they are working around the clock. In such a party, typical festive Halloween activities include watching horror films, visit to a haunted destination, lighting bonfires, dressing up in a scary manner, playing pranks, telling scary stories etc. But such a party requires a bit of planning for it to be a success.

There are many stores which offer a variety of props and decoration material for holiday parties. Picking up random material can spoil the party rather than making it successful. This will deprive it of a scary effect and leave your party devastated. So, throw a party in such a way that it is memorable for your friends, by sticking to a single theme and purchasing items with respect to your theme.

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Scary Halloween 2015 Party

Here’s how you can make it Scary:

  • Choose a theme that will really interest your invitees or friends. The theme should keep the excitement alive so that the guests will have fun and enjoy the party. Moreover, it will be easy for you to decorate the venue, select costumes, and purchase gifts. There are many themes that you can choose from; right from the niche ones to the very popular themes. An example of such themes can be “Creature of the Night” where the venue can be designed in dark, fearful and horrifying manner and the guests can be dressed as vampires, werewolves, witches and ghosts. Another, theme could be the “The Vampire’s Lair” in which you can decorate the venue with coffins, blood and skeletons. The guests can dress themselves up as a vampire or ghost and costumes related to the theme.
  • Sending out invitations is the next important task that needs to be accomplished with proper details in your hand. Themed invitations will fascinate your guests and they will look forward to attend your party. An invitation should contain:-Date and time
    -The theme highlighting the party
    -Costumes that the guests can wear
    -Additional information if required.
  • Another important aspect is the decoration required for the party. Decorate the venue in such a way that, guests attending it have a feel about the theme. Setting up the mood of the party with proper arrangements for lighting and material for decoration will add on to the flair. You can use axes, cobwebs, spiders, skeletons, weapons, broomsticks etc. as decoration material. Throw a party that is appreciable, unique, and exciting for the guests.
  • Props make a character or a place come alive. It depends on your budget and liking when it comes to financing such things. They surely make the theme party scary and humorous with a realistic look to it. Also, instead of purchasing new ones, you can go for the old ones that are already available at your place.
  • Costumes add the fun factor to the party. It allows the guests to dress in a way they like, fulfilling their fantasies. Music is recommended as it enhances the ambiance around that creates the authenticity. You can play creepy and chilling sounds and music that gets everybody dancing.
  • Halloween themed food and drinks naturally add the spice to the party. Providing snacks in an exclusive way will add to the theme and enthusiasm of the party.

Halloween is a holiday that offers a lot of fun time. Parties are inevitable in the holiday and deciding to have a scary party this Halloween can prove to be both a scary and humorous event. Now to sum it up , it is important to decide about the venue, the decoration material and the snacks to be given according to your budget to make the party memorable and mesmerizing.

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