How to Stay Fit but Still Enjoy Life

February 28, 2013

A man’s lifestyle will have a direct effect on his health. Staying fit and being healthy can help to reduce the risk of a number of diseases. Here are some simple changes that you can do to your lifestyle to make a difference.

Exercise More Often

Adult men should get about 150 minutes of exercise every week. This splits down to 30 minutes per day, five days a week and is easier than you first think. Getting the right about of exercise will improve your cardiovascular health – your heart and lungs – and this helps to improve your health in other areas of your body.

Abs Exercises For Men

Abs Exercises For Men

Start exercising more throughout the day. This doesn’t mean take up a sport that you hate or try and fit all 150 minutes in at once – that just isn’t possible, safe or recommended. Split the times up to suit your needs; for example, do 10 minutes of exercise first thing in the morning and then 20 minutes at night.

Doing something that you enjoy will help you create and stick to a routine and this will help improve your health considerably. If you are new to exercise, do not rush into doing all 150 minutes per week. Give your body the chance to build up to that to avoid injury and over-exercising, which causes illnesses.

Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals that your body needs. These include iron to help improve the amount of oxygen flowing around your system, vitamin C to improve your immune system and calcium to create strong and healthy bones and teeth. The more you get, the healthier you will be and the least at risk of developing a number of health problems.

Vitamin C is one of the most important on the list. This is one vitamin that the body cannot make itself and has no way of storing. You need to eat plenty of foods full of vitamin C every day to make sure you have enough. It may be worth taking supplements to make sure you remain healthy and your immune system can fight off diseases.

It is also worth focusing on the antioxidants that your body gains, which are common in many berries; especially blueberries. Antioxidants help the cells to repair after being damaged and promote the growth of new cells normally. This helps to reduce the risk of abnormal cell growth, which can lead to cancer.

Get Your Prostate Checked!

It is an embarrassing topic for many men but it is important and should be part of any healthy lifestyle. Visit the doctor once or twice a year to have your prostate checked. This helps to catch issues such as prostate cancer earlier – the leading cancer for men. You should also speak to your doctor if you suffer from:

  • Frequent urination
  • Burning or pain while urinating
  • Blood in the semen or urine
  • A weak or interrupted stream while urinating
  • The more urgent need to urinate

These are all signs that there is a problem with your prostate.

Improving your lifestyle and making some changes will help you live healthier. Start making the changes today so that you can enjoy your life and know that you are healthy and fit. There is no need to give up the things that you enjoy. These are steps that are easily incorporated into your current lifestyle.

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This guest post was written by Richard, a lifestyle guru. He regularly offers advice to men about making changes to their lifestyle to live healthier, including using acid cigars.

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