How to prepare for board exam 2019

January 31, 2019

In this way, preparing for board exams will definitely come up to 90% marks. Board exams are going to come soon, so the pressure of study will be very much on you. If you want to do the best in exams while avoiding all these stress, then adopt these easy ways. If you prepare for the exam by keeping some things in mind, you can easily earn good marks in the examination. You need a good plan for this. There is little time left to prepare for board exams. In order to get good marks, it is necessary that all preparations should be done in the remaining time. It is important for students and parents to take care of certain things. How can I start preparing for board exam?

So let us discuss all the things in this article, which should be followed by the student to get more than 90% marks in the examination of CBSE, UP Board or any other board exam in 2019.

  1. Keep positive thinking:

Any fear can be overcome by positive thinking. Positive thinking keeps you relaxed and you are able to study better. Therefore it is very important to keep positive thinking. If the student tension is less than 50% of his attention, then he gets very good points.

  2.  Understand the topics do not use Ratta:

If you want to get good marks in the exam, first of all it is important that you try to understand it rather than crying any subject. Many times it happens that just like book bars and guides like parrot, many questions come in handy during the paper, about which the students cannot understand.

  3. Stay away from the gadget:

Nowadays every home has mobile and computer. For some days, remove these things from yourself. Especially children have a lot of gaming, etc., so do not attract yourself to this side and cut the time spent in mobile and computer.

  4. Create notes:

 Notes will always help you. Whenever you read or revise, keep your notes carefully. Often children avoid avoiding studies and after seeing the whole syllabus, they get pressured, at the time your notes are very helpful.

  5. Practice by writing:

Put a habit of writing, this will give you two advantages your writing speed will be good as well, your handwriting will also improve which will help you to get better marks.

  6. Eat good food:

Yes, you will also have good food for a good number. Do not eat too much fat products. Do not say too much or you will be a victim of laziness. Soup, green tea and fresh juice are in your diet chart.

  7.Solve Last 10 Years Sample Paper:

  It can be quite effective. You can collect many question papers of the last few years and learn many questions. Resolve those questions that will create trust inside you. Also, syllabus can also be completed. Many questions will come from them only.

  8. Reading in the morning:

Reading in the morning is very beneficial because after a good sleep you are completely fresh and full of energy. There is an atmosphere of peace in the morning. You have long remembered for the morning studies.

  9.Regular Study:

We must do our studies daily. If you study regularly your all concept will be clear. You also can solve your issues or problems time to time.

    10. Do not take stress in exam:

Any work done in a stress or a tension often gets damaged, so we should never take a Tension of our exam. We should all focus our attention on preparing the subject carefully and by doing regular study, then all our Subjects will be ready and then we can get the best number in our exam.

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