How to Plan A Low Cost Wedding (What Brides Need To Look Out)

July 3, 2014

Why come here when you can just Google “Low-Cost-wedding” oh sorry! “Low-cost-INDIAN-wedding”. Because when you google it most of the websites would give you this:

  • Off Season Marriage:
    As if that is really possible in India unless you are planning to elope! With Shanta Maushi and Kavita Nani doing their regular errands to the panditji and everyone other godman out there, its defiantly not possible.
  • Wedding Dress:
    Go for a cheap one? You never say that to a bride. NEVER!! Get it stitched without much detailing? I am getting married for once. For ONCE I want to look prettiest in the world in my favourite dress and you say compromise?
  • Invitation- Go Creative?
    Well, this option is viable if at all there are like 50 guests (max.) and people have time to go creative. But we are talking about Indian Wedding where you are supposed to invite even the neighbors relatives because your parents met them once.
    And some other utter impossible pointers!!
How to Plan A Low Cost Wedding

How to Plan A Low Cost Wedding ?

Now we get what all you cant do. But here is what you can do for a low budget marriage.

Wedding Bible:
We girls have the tendency to get too excited (why shouldn’t we?) and end up buying or planning on many things that are not even required but every cell in our body desires it. – THIS is when we are normal. Imagine the state of the BRIDE, she is in love (do we need any further explanation?). She wants to own the world (not just her beloved!!!). Its when the bills pile up and when everything is set and done she sits and thinks why did she buy the blue trumpet (like the one in How I met your mother).
Therefore, beautiful brides however in love you are keep a check on your pocket and keep a wedding planner book. Just write down everything that you need and start putting it in the order of utmost important to not that important. I know, its difficult to find something that’s ‘not’ important. But imagine your wedding without that, does it make any difference? If no- cross it out. Ask your friends, family and fiance. Planning your event way before will help you cut many costs.

The Venue:
Prebook the wedding hall of choice. The day the Date for marriage is fixed, first thing to do is- Find venues. Decide if you want an open hall or closed one. Make sure the venue chosen has amenities that you need. You can even find wedding venues online. There are loads of venues you can choose from.

Wedding Decoration
Don’t waste a lot of money on flowers. Use flowers that are seasonal (they come cheap). Place them only at important places. Nobody cares about how many flowers you use. Use them at the entrance, near the mandap/stage, on the tables etc., where people can see it. Check out your venue and see what and where you can use flowers. Some venues look elegant without much decorations, look out for such venues. Open grounds would also require less decorations.

Food & Cuisine:
Never compromise on the quality of food. Don’t go about offering the guests the world’s cuisine. Nobody needs that. The moment they see so many food items they are full. Food wastage is high when you offer them Indian (in that all speciality of 29 states) American, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and what not. By having a very minimal options but the best ever food you’ll be remembered always and with every bite of food they’ll bless you!

Candid photography is the ‘thing’. “Stand still and smile at the camera” is an old concept now (and yet expensive somehow). Get hold of an amateur photographer, It wont cost as much as a standstills. All of a sudden there has been a increase in the number of photographers with DSL Rs! There are plenty of them there. Get the best moments captured for your D-Day!

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