How to make your clothes hangers more useful

January 5, 2013

A coat hanger, also referred to as clothes hanger, is a special type of hanger that looks like a person’s shoulders and is mainly used for hanging garments on. Clothes hangers were purposefully made to prevent the wrinkling of clothes like a jacket, coat, shirt, sweater and even a blouse. Such hangers usually come with a lower bar which is used for hanging off folded skirts or trousers.

There are basically two types of clothes or coat hangers. The first type looks as if a set of shoulders and these hangers are used for keeping blouses, shirts, and jackets neat, nice and properly folded in the closet. The second type allows the users to hang a pair of trousers or skirts so that they remain wrinkle-free.

Clothes Hangers

How to make your clothes hangers more useful

Using these hangers is very simple. However, to get the best out of them you may follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Iron the clothing – At the outset, iron the clothing after you take it out from the dryer. If it is a brand new item, then take it out of the packet and hang it up. Garments in a sealed pack always remain in a wrinkle-free condition. So for a brand new item, you don’t need to iron.
  2. Unbutton clothing – Unzip or unbutton the garments like tops or dresses and slide any one end of the hanger into the shoulder and the left sleeve through neck opening. Now slide another end of the hanger into the right shoulder and then sleeve.
  3. Button the garment – Now button the clothing back. In case of zipper, zip it back. This would help to keep the clothing properly on the hanger.
  4. Hang the clothing – Hang your clothing in the closet until you’re ready to wear it. Now keep top hooks of all the hangers facing in the same direction. It would help you take the clothing out when needed.
  5. Lay a pair of trousers – Lay a pair of trousers or skirt down on the bed or any other flat surface. You may need to use both of your hands to work the clips on each side of your hanger.
  6. Squeeze the clips – Squeeze left clip on the clothes hanger and then slide the left side of the trouser or skirt between the clips. The clip will hold the piece of clothing in the right place. Do the same for the other side also with the right part of the hanger. Hang the trouser or the skirt in your closet.

Discussed are six right steps towards using a clothes hanger properly. Clothes hangers are really useful to keep your clothes wrinkle-free. All you need to be careful about placing your clothing properly on the hanger. However, if you can’t place them properly, you can hardly keep them from wrinkling.

Some clothes hangers are made of metal and often have sharp edges. Be careful about placing your clothing on such hangers. Otherwise, they may get torn. Also keep these hangers out of reach of small children.

Author’s Bio – Lopez Genelia is a renowned fashion industry blogger. She has written a series of blogs on usefulness of different types of hangers.

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