How to Maintain Your Sterling Silver Jewelry? A Few DIY Tips for the Jewelry Lovers

June 25, 2013

Sterling silver is one of the most lustrous metals we have today. It is a staple in many jewelry sets, because of its aesthetic qualities, on top of which is its ability to outshine other metals. But this jewelry also needs proper care. In this article you will know some DIY tips to maintain sterling silver jewelry. Following these tips you can not only retain the luster of the jewelry pieces, but also can save money to spend on professional jewelry cleaning and even buying new sets.

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Storing Sterling Silver Jewelry

Ideally, the silver pieces should be stored individually, away from other articles in your jewelry box, to avoid scratching the finish. Exposing the jewelry might also reduce its longevity. The most esteemed storage is in zip-lock bags, placed away from direct sunlight. They keep away moisture and oxygen, preventing any chemical alterations from taking place.

Cleaning the Silver Pieces

  • Regular cleaning is encouraged to keep the jewelry looking its best. You need warm water, soap and a soft cloth, ideally, one that is 100% cotton. Do not soak the pieces.
  • Simply clean it gently, and dry it with a dry cotton cloth once you are done (eyeglass cloths work perfectly in this case.) Paper towels might scratch the silver, so they’re discouraged.
  • If your jewelry has been tarnished, you can still restore its luster. Try using a silver-polishing cloth if the tarnish is mild.
  • There are products, such as polishing pastes, which can be used when it is noticeable, but these should be used modestly, and not for antiqued pieces.
  • For extreme tarnishes, visit a professional jeweler for pristine restoration.

Things to Remember

There are some simple things you can do to extend the life of your jewelries as:

  1. Avoid wearing it when soaking in the tab, or taking a swim. The chemicals used to treat the water will react with the alloying metal and this could dull the finish.
  2. Wipe it regularly with a soft, non-abrasive cloth before putting it in storage. Oil from the skin, dirt and contact with perfume all interfere with the finish. Different foods, such as fruit juices, olives and onions, and household products, such bleach, also interfere with the finish of the silver, so it would be well to prevent any contact from happening.
  3. The jewelry should not be in contact with wood surface, other metals, or rubber, to prevent tarnishing.
  4. Ultrasonic cleaners are discouraged as sterling silver jewelry contains gemstones. As they contain porous surfaces, they can always absorb chemicals, and this will discolor them.

Taking care of your sterling silver jewelry will help you maintain its character, and make it last for generations.

Longevity of Sterling Silver Jewelry

This jewelry can last several lifetimes, if it is cared for well enough. While silver, on its own is exceptionally resistant to tarnishing, sterling silver is not. The added metal might react with oxygen and water, and this reduces the quality of the finish. Tarnishing starts off as a yellow hue, and with time, transforms to a black residue. All this is entirely preventable with adequate care.

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