How to Maintain Men’s Coats and Jackets

August 17, 2012

Finding the right coat for men can be challenging. Men’s wear is actually one of the most serious things that you need to clean right way. These things are pretty much important not only for the cold weather but also for instances when you need to look formal. A coat can give the person a certain stature that would tend to fit business meetings and other similar occasions.

When purchasing a coat, the very first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have read the garment’s cleaning instructions. After reading the instructions, you should perform it as mentioned but if you don’t know anything about cleaning the coat; it is necessary that you leave it in the hands of dry cleaners.

Dry cleaners today may charge you $100 per coat and this can run even up to $200 depending on the weight and the material of your jacket or coat. Come to think of it, this is a lot better. When there is a chance for your coat to be destroyed with DIY cleaning procedures, you may want to pay a hundred bucks for it. Of course, there will always be exceptions. If you are confident about cleaning your own jackets or coats, here are some of the tips that you can follow.

Berghaus CoatsTypically, stain removers are not really recommended because of the fact that these things can damage the coat’s material. For coats and jackets that will have liners, you have to understand that they are made of different materials and should be dealt with separately.

Most of the coats today are only required to be dry cleaned only. Though this is the case for most coats, there are some brands that can also be washed. When washing the coats, you have to understand that you should only do it gently. Some even don’t use any detergents at all especially when soiling is not really a big concern. However, if it is really soiled you may have to go for specific delicate cleaning products. For instance, there are those meant for blue ones and there are those meant for grey.

For those trying to make use of typical washing machines, you have to make sure that you exercise caution in selecting which type you should go for. Some washing machines can agitate the cleaning of the clothing and therefore do damage to its fibers.

If you have followed the instructions well, you can now guarantee that the coat can be used for more occasions. Of course, it is also important that you buy only high quality coats so you don’t have to worry about the cleaning process that much. High quality coats can turn out to be less picky when it comes to its cleaning procedure.

But of course, you don’t want your Berghaus coats to be ruined because you are trying to save a few bucks. You have to realize that the best way to maintain your clothing is to learn the process of cleaning or simply invest on the right cleaners in your area. Over the past years, people have wasted a lot of money when they tried the wrong cleaning procedures. With these options on hand, you can now decide whether or not it is ideal to leave it to the hands of the experts.

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