How to Look Great in a Swimsuit ?

December 16, 2014

Wouldn’t it be amazing if all our weight loss goals actually matched our real-life plans and ideas, so that when summertime is upon us we’d be shaped up and look astonishing? Unfortunately, nothing ever works out perfectly! Getting in shape before hitting the beach and showing our bodies to everyone make us insecure and self-conscious, and somehow it seems that there are always a few more pounds to lose. If this rings a bell, don’t stress out, we’ve prepared a few useful tips for you so that you can relax and not worry about the way you will look while wearing your swimsuit, because you will look great.

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Bikini Girl on a Beach

Prepare your body in advance

You have to think in advance and prepare for the upcoming event thoroughly. Start by exfoliating your skin and losing all of the dead cells; you don’t need that when you’re about to suntan. When showering, finish by running cold water all over your body to get your blood running. Every night before going to bed moisturise your skin with a body lotion; that will make it glow and be silky to touch. Also, try ‘cheating’ a little bit by tactfully applying fake tan for a few days before you hit the beach. This way you will cover up some of the stretch marks and cellulite because these are more difficult to notice on a tanned skin. Be careful not to overdo it, though. Every other night apply a light layer until you get the desired skin colour; putting on thick layers will make it seem that you’re covered in mud.

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Girl in a Swimsuit

Pick the right swimsuit for your body type

When going shopping for swimsuits, remember that it is different than the regular clothes you wear. That is why you should always try on one in smaller and another in larger size that you first decided to try, just in case. Believe it or not, you will see for yourself how much better you look in a bikini when you simply change sizes. Also, when you’re out trying to find the perfect swimsuit, opt for the one which will accentuate your attributes and make you look exceptionally good while wearing it.

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Girl in a Pool

Which swimsuit to choose?

Athletic figured women can look good while wearing pretty much anything, starting from bikini and one piece suits. Nevertheless, it might be a good idea to try halter neck tops; these will make smaller br3asts look bigger. Another thing which could do this for you is picking horizontal lines. Women with hourglass shaped figure look best in halter neck bikinis which emphasize their curves. However, try avoiding bandeau style swimsuits and go for one-piece swimsuit instead. This will emphasize your br3asts and flatten your tummy at the same time. Pear shaped women with big lower part and slim shoulders should avoid one piece swimsuits since these make their legs look shorter. Instead, try balcony bikinis with triangle tops which will draw attention to your upper part and pick low-waist bottoms to match.

When you’re finally at the beach, just be confident and relaxed. B–bs out, shoulders back, thumbs pointing forwards. Right posture will make you look good; otherwise you’ll look like you’re trying to hide, and that’s bad. Be confident and rule the beach with your style and your charm. Have fun!

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